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4 responses to “AT&T: AT&T Launches Conditional Call Forwarding”

  1. jon

    Why does my phone say “Forwarding On” When i make an outgoing call?! Nobody at the store or on the ATT Cust Service can answer this for me and has not been able to give me a way to disable this successfully AND none of the techniques listed above worked on my straight out of the box Karma.


  2. chris

    i have the same problem on my samsung galaxy s

  3. james thorne

    my s4 just started doing the same thing when I make a call and I can not shut off or stop it

  4. Christine

    Having this problem too. When trying to dial it says ‘call forwarding conditional on’ and have been calling the same poor women no matter whom I try to dial. She has had it. I have had it. Tried all the deactivation codes. Don’t work. Now what?

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