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8 responses to “AT&T Blocking Non-Marketplace Apps from Backflip, Workaround Detailed”

  1. AT&T WTF

    Save me Jebus! Why is it that for 10 years and then some we’ve been able to install what we want and how we want it on our Windows Mobile/CE devices? Now all of a sudden, everyone is restricting how we can use the devices we pay good money for. How the hell is this legal? First Apple, now Android, and most likely Win Mobile 7. I understand with some time that someone will jailbreak all 3 of these devices but why should we have to? We wouldn’t stand for it if suddenly Windows XP/Vista/7 started to prevent to install a non-signed application nor would Apple folks if suddenly Adobe CS wouldn’t install on a MAC. Why is it that these companies are able to dictate so much after we buy and own the devices? Why aren’t the ambulance chancing lawyers looking to make a name for themselves taking on a class action suit to set precedence? I would love to see Apple get slapped in the face with some legal jargon saying their a monopoly and as such must allow any and all apps to be approved unless the app itself was a virus or malware that could cost physical damage to the device etc and face stiff fines or penalties if not complied with! As long as no one is changeling Apple these other companies are going to jump on the censorship bandwagon. Where is Tom Cruise when you need him?!

  2. Christopher

    Smooth Move AT&T! Doesn’t locking down the apps that can be used on an Android phone kind of fly in the face of Android as an open source OS? Here is an example of a company that just doesn’t get it.

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  4. Synthmeister

    But I thought Android was supposed to be all unicorns and rainbows and wonderful shiny things?

    At least Apple tells you up front you have to play in their admittedly huge sandbox. Google better get on top of this.

  5. Synthmeister

    OTHOH, I guess that’s what freedom is all about. The freedom to offer the security of signed apps and the freedom to push your customers towards your app store and the freedom to offer 5 very different versions of Android at the same time and the freedom to offer versions of Android which aren’t so “free.”

  6. Christopher Price

    Synthmeister, there’s little if anything Google can do. Android is open source, and can be modified in virtually any way. The best Google could do, is threaten to sue and argue that Android on the Backflip is too modified to bear the Android name.

    Considering that the Backflip was armed with Google Experience apps (Market, etc), it’s not likely they will be able to claim they weren’t aware of this change.

    It appears that this was AT&T’s tactic with Android; either comply with the dropping of unsigned code, or no Android phones would be sold on AT&T. I don’t have any direct confirmation of this, but it would explain why AT&T was the last carrier of the Big 4 to ship an Android phone.

    I have already editorialized that the best tactic for Google to pursue to resolve this, would be a premium superset of the Google Experience, that delivers additional features and services, but only to devices that adhere to a stricter set of requirements (unsigned code, committing to two years of firmware updates, etc).

  7. JNX_Complex

    Just install android develop kit, then simply type in the command: adb install appname.apk, not a fix but a work around

  8. Bhuwan

    Is it possible to download non android market applications in DELL AERO mobile.
    If yes plz let me know how.