AT&T Branded Sony Ericsson W350a Surfaces on eBay

The first pictures of an as yet unannounced AT&T branded Sony Ericsson model have surfaced not through conventional spy shots, but through the venerable auction site Ebay.

The Sony Ericsson W350a features an older flipcover design reminiscent of older GSM Ericsson models from years past, and as expected from a phone featuring the Walkman branding the phone has its media player controls on the front of the flipcover.

The phone features triband GSM/EDGE support, a 1.3 megapixel camera with zoom, 14MB of internal memory with MemoryStick M2 expansion slot, Walkman branded media player with TrackID support, Bluetooth with stereo audio support, FM radio, and email client.

While the above images show the phone with AT&T branding, there is no guarantee that the phone will be released on AT&T, as the carrier has cancelled many Sony Ericsson products, sometimes days before launch as was the case with the K850a.

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11 responses to “AT&T Branded Sony Ericsson W350a Surfaces on eBay”

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  2. vince

    i dont get it.. wheres the only att i c is on the phone screen.. which can be done by getting an unlocked phone and putting an att sim in

  3. Pushkar

    But, why only at&t ? stupid if u ask me

  4. Christopher Price

    Vince, the AT&T logo is clearly painted on the phone in the middle of the body of the phone. It’s a little dark, but clearly visible.

    Also, notice the AT&T Mall on the main screen of the second picture. That’s only possible with AT&T-branded firmware, further confirming the branding.

  5. som1

    dude cool phone
    i hope its for att

  6. Muhammad Amir Kiani

    This one is nice handset and looking nice to me. cool handset
    Sony Ericsson is really rocking this year
    Nice post with plenty of new information about cool handset

  7. vince

    oh my bad.. lol..

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  11. John Blazin

    i have this phone its ok … just wish it had built in video recorder