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15 responses to “AT&T Clarifies Position on ETF & Material Changes, Argues Only Two Situations Allow Terminating Contract”

  1. Jeff

    Has AT&T actually blocked Orb, Slingbox, or other sources?

  2. Joe K

    This is really troubling. AT&T changes the rules, then changes the rules about changing the rules.

    I’m cancelling service tomorrow. I will never pay the ETF. I’ll be happy to tell AT&T where they can take their illegal ETF. BBB and FCC complaints’ here I come!

  3. SaltyDawg

    Chris, you should contact the folks at about this. They are an organization dedicated to net neutrality. They have lobbyists in Washington, lawyers, and a network of activists already working on issues like this. They were opne of the main reasons Comcast got smacked down for their bit torrent blocking.

  4. Christopher Price

    We’d love to advocate to everyone, everywhere, all the time. The best thing that we suggest, is that readers take the link to this story, and pass it around to anyone and everyone they think cares.

    That’s what we say about every article, but certainly we understand if some articles are going to go farther across the web. We keep all the carriers honest, but doing that level of research means we don’t have the time for much else… especially when you see what’s in the hopper.

    And we’ve got a lot of things in the hopper.

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  6. SaltyDawg

    Well I would like to dedicate this article to all the morons who said this site unfairly picked on Sprint. This is proof that this site calls it like it is, no matter which carrier happens to be screwing up.

  7. F1

    Simple & unbiased!

    That is why PCS Intel/Phonenews, is still my first daily Tech blog stop !

    Thank You!

  8. Mike

    @F1 I concur… always loved t608info / sprintpcsinfo / pcsintel /

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