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8 responses to “AT&T Confirms New $50 GoPhone Unlimited Plan for June 26th”

  1. Jack

    Nice AT&T here I come

  2. Kikstra

    But why Jack why?! Why would you go running into the wild blue prepaid horizon when there are so many better, cheaper options out there?! Is it coverage you’re looking for? Tracfone’s straight talk will give you unlimited everything (yes including data), for $45, and they have smart phones. And that’s without any loyalty reward. You want cheap? go Boost dude, but to get really really cheap unlimited everything you gotta show some long term loyalty. You want cheap unlimited data with a coool phone – then try Virgin brother.
    AT&T have only introduced this plan to make T-Mobile’s prepaid plans look better. Don’t go there dude.

  3. samantha

    But Kikstra you also have to think AT&T gets better service then any phone I have had and I go thru phone plans like candy..

  4. Christopher Price

    The only smartphone Straight Talk has is the Nokia E71 through Consumer Cellular, their sub-brand.

    This is a good choice for people that are in an AT&T HSPA+ area, and know how to use a feature phone as a modem. If you have a laptop with you all the time, you can get unlimited tethering data (over USB or Bluetooth), and rely on the laptop as your data device.

  5. Kikstra

    @samantha – Boost doesn’t, but tracfone’s Straight talk does make use, almost exclusively of AT&T’s network services. And as far as their CS is concerned, I don’t know what to make of it; a month or so ago AT&T (and T-Mobile) scored the lowest of all the wireless service providers regarding customer satisfaction (see ACSI). As opposed to tracfone, along with US cellular scoring the best?!
    @Christophor Price – huh?! Consumer cellular is a sub brand of Straight talk?Are you saying the E71 is a smart feature phone 🙂

  6. Milkbone98

    Or take the E71 or that other Nokia that they offer simcard and put it in your iPhone or Android device and enjoy a great deal on the phone of your choice after some simple configurations. at&t phones don’t even need to be unlocked. Stay under 2GB per month and stay under the radar.

  7. Misha

    I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but, Straight Talk is through Verizon (through Trac phone agreement), not Att.

  8. EP

    No bubbles burst. Straight Talk also uses at&t as well as T-Mobile.