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6 responses to “AT&T DSL/U-Verse Bandwidth Meters Under Heavy Criticism”

  1. F1

    Simply disgusted @ AT&T, everyday something else with this disfunctional company, they are so poor in providing quality service, that one sincerely hopes that the M&A, will get shot down by the FCC & DOJ !

    Thank You

  2. JJ

    All I know is that on the 27th my dsl will be disconnected and shortly after cox cable will be my highspeed provider. Luckily they are offering a special 1 year promotion right now online. I get 15mbps for only 24.99/month for 12 months. Yes it jumps up to 54.99 at end of the year but I can then drop to the 9mbps for only 42.99. Att offers only 6mbps in my area for 42.99 so it will be worth it to switch.
    Sad thing is, that if the tmobile deal goes through there is a high chance sprint will have to merge with someone else also and this means higher prices. Then no consumer will have the options that we have now. Hopefully sprint has something up their sleeve.

  3. F1

    So much can change within the next year, so enjoy your new plan while it lasts!! It seems to me that VZW, is playing the “not interested” card regarding a potential SPRINT buyout…thereby SPRINT, following the stock value drop of their failed merger attempt, will become more & more desperate and thereby a better, more attractive target for a takeover…this is virtually guranteed, pending upon FCC & DOJ clearing the path, if they deny the M&A, we all as consumers, will have dogded the bullet for now. SPRINT can not afford any further account losses, they have to revisit their legacy-policies, that is if they care to salvage the company. Thank You

  4. spepper

    Of course AT&T is gonna include the overhead in determining data usage– their argument will be that the data overhead is part of the cost of doing business– so until they are challenged legally about it, they will include that as data consumption on every subscriber’s billing for the same exact reason that a dog licks himself……because he/they CAN……

  5. Phoneman

    When given the choice, has AT&T ever done anything that is fair or beneficial to the consumer? All I ever see is AT&T making decisions that are blatantly bad for the consumer, when they could easily make a different decision.

    What a horrible company. No wander the federal government broke them up back in the day. They should be broken up again.

  6. jon

    Boycott AT&T. All they want to do is limit you. So lets limit them and go somewhere else.