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6 responses to “AT&T Forcing New Plans for 4G Devices, No Grandfathered Data Plans Allowed (Updated)”

  1. Patrick Hornung


    Saw your post, confirmed before writing back. The information in the leaked document isn’t correct.

    Please update with this statement from AT&T:
    Customers who currently have an unlimited plan can upgrade to a 4G device and keep their unlimited plans.


  2. J

    So once again AT&T is hoping to stick it to new customers with these limited data plans. I have a feeling you won’t see much new business generated with such a measely offering.

    What’s the point of 4G if you cannot use it with these awful data restrictions. That’s a question Ma Bell will have a hard time answering I suspect.

  3. Dihce

    not likely to be a huge issue when it is explained to them how much data it takes to reach 2GB on a mobile device.
    Once you get over the hurtle that it’s not a computer, but a mobile phone that is receiving compressed data that fits within the constrains of the device display, it’s a pretty easy sell.

    Humans are afraid of what they don’t understand…

  4. AntiDihce


    Understand this, if I have a slingbox or want to stream Netflix, Pandora or use Google Maps as a GPS to my phone on a daily basis I probably could very easily hit 2GB a month. Just because YOU don’t use 2GB a month, stop speaking for me. People in the 2% who had 1.8GB/month had a completely care-free experience, now they have to worry about staying below their data ceiling or they face overage charges.

    People have a right to be informed at price gouging and getting less value for it, stop downplaying these types of post–troll. If you don’t know what you are talking about stay off the forums…

  5. Jason

    Previously, I was on a Blackberry unlimited plan with ATT and when upgrading to a 4G phone, they let you keep the unlimited, but with $5 extra….so, instead of $45, it now costs me $50…which still isn’t bad. At least I don’t have to choose the limited 4GB or 2GB plans.