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30 responses to “AT&T Generally Unaware of New Contract Changes, Refuses to Waive Termination Fees”

  1. max

    Oh yeah!! this is real smart. Your article is good but your solution SUCKS! You want people to cancel their ATT service in protest. Lets see what would really happen.

    1. You cancel your service.
    2. Spend countless hours on the phone trying to get ATT to waive your etf.
    3. File BBB complaint which just goes to BBB who forwards to ATT for resolution.
    4. 120 days later your account is written off and sold to a collection company!
    5. Now you have to work with an attorney to clear up your credit report!

    Yeah really good thinking. This will help the economy…..

  2. Jeff

    I am so glad I didn’t get an IPhone and go back to ATT. I chose the G1 and TMobile for my recent change which wasn’t due to being unhappy with my carrier. It was because of their dataplan prices for smartphones being way too high.

  3. max

    That would be great if 1% of your customers did this but if your going to play the what if game.

    What if 15 people canceled their service? Do you really think ATT would give a damn. NO

    So you are willing to risk even a few peoples credit?

    Oh and I do not work for nor condone any of these actions by AT&T. I am merely giving my opinion that your article has the potential to do more harm then good.

  4. jj

    Very good point christopher. I guess some people just like letting others step over them and are to lazy to do anything to protect themselves. It’s not that hard to file a complaint with fcc & bbb. Unless your credit is already ruined it is easy to prevent any negative repercussions on your credit report. Iv’e had to do it before and it’s not that hard to do especially with the internet.

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  6. JJ

    Great article. See people, filing a claim with the fcc does work, you just have to do some small leg work. Its good when the little people fight back with companies who cheat them out of service. This goes for any company.

  7. Xox Ma

    So, how do I cancel the service with AT&T while transferring my number elsewhere at the same time? Isn’t it usually done the other way around – your new carrier cancels for you?

  8. Jeff

    Can you get the ETF waived without canceling or porting?

  9. troy

    Hey Christopher, So you want people to cancel their service even if they are happy with it. You want to get call centers closed so people that aren’t even responsibel for this to lose their jobs.

  10. Ryan

    No one has to do this.

    You have a choice to do this or to let AT&T restrict what you can do with your phone that you pay for every month. I’m sure all you iphone users didn’t buy them so that you could be “restricted” as to what you can do.

    They are also making it so that if you argue with them it will be on their terms and if you lose it will cost you $$$$.

    So your choice is get walked all over or cancel. Doesn’t matter to me… I learned my lesson from AT&T 9 years ago when i canceled….

    So enjoy the article take it to heart, and make your own decision about what YOU should do.

  11. jj

    Yep. That is what its all about. Making the choice for yourself. Either let people walk over you or make a decision and defend yourself. No is forcing you to do anything. Its just a choice you can take. So for those of you who are happy with att then good for you, and for those who are not happy then you have an opportunity to do something about it.

  12. joe

    i agree with Christopher although i am not an AT&T customer. i believe that if my carrier have something like that i would do it because it send a signal to the company that we consumers do know our rights and other companies that thinking of doing the same thing as AT&T would take another look before they would try to copy AT&T actions.

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  14. JosephD

    I was stuck in a cell phone contract that just self renewed without informing me or getting my approval so instead of the two years I thought I was in for I ended up having to pay for four years. I ended up paying the early termination fee and in the end it was worth it just to get rid of the contract. Now I have canceled the contract and good riddance to it, I will never sign a contract for a cell phone again. I decided to get a prepaid Net10 phone instead and I have been very pleasantly surprised to find how much cheaper they are. Long distance and roaming is the same price as local calls and I don’t have to pay any hidden fees. Even if you have the pay the ETF and can’t get it waved I’d say do it and cut your losses because you guys are being cheated.

  15. Michelle

    Any more luck haning ETF waived?

  16. Michelle

    Any luck having ETF waived?

  17. maidmarian

    Can I still try to cancel? How soon after a contract change can you do this? I didn’t even know there was a change!

  18. Truth

    I want to cancel and switch to sprint. How can I get out of the 1 year left on my contract?


    Can I still call and cancel?

  20. Frank

    I am cancelling my service due to spotty or no coverage in my area. I tried to get my ETF changed and they said because I had no tech support incedences with them to warrant my claim. I told them to look at the coverage map and its plain to see. Sorry sir, call tech support, file a report so I can see it and then I can help you. I do.(800-331-0500) I call in hours of stated operation, and they said they were closed. It’s says to call this number (8666952750). I do. They say THEY are closed and to call (800-331-0500)…..hmmmmmm, ok, getting the run around. I call back, speak to them again and the rep says, Oh Yeah, you cant call them, that won’t work, I’ll transfer you to them. I get the tech to note my bad coverage, he aggrees. He transfers me to Customer service again. Now they say that they cant waive the EFT because it’s an IPHONE and they have all sorts of contracts with Apple and they can’t do it. He syas go to an AT&T Corporate location and they may be able to waive the fee. YEAH, RIGHT. I ask to speak to his supervisor. After I tell him, you guys are acting like lawyers, draggin this debate and jackin me around to wear me down, so I’ll settle, IS NOT GOING TO WORK WITH ME! He then says that yes, corporate cant help either, but the only solution is to have your plan transferred to someone else, and I’ll waive the fee. No Thanks. I will go for arbitration and file a complaint with the FCC and BBB, and since that I am in charge of 50 blackberry’s at my job, I will have them ALL switched over to Verizon if I dont get a response in 24 hours. Well, I’ve filed my complaints and will wait (holds his breath)

  21. Peter

    I’m trying to get out of an at&t contract right now– does anyone know of current material changes I can use to get out?

    Thanks all!!

  22. KIM

    I’m having the same problem as Frank. Poor coverage. Dropped calls. I have made several tech calls though and taken my phone into two different AT&T locations. Wish me luck as I try to get out of this contract. I’ll keep you posted.

  23. Jerry

    I was one of those suckers that paid AT&T a fee to cancel my phone after I lost it. I’m still with AT&T though, just not their plans. I switched to a Straight Talk prepaid phone and because Straight Talk uses AT&T and Verizon’s networks, I still get get the service I liked without the expensive bill.