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2 responses to “AT&T HP Veer Press Shots Surface: Two-Tone Color, “4G” Support”

  1. sdavidweaver

    I’ve been quite attracted to this new device, having become increasingly disappointed with the larger and larger smartphones we’ve seen the last three years. For me this very small device, yet quite powerful, reminds of the communicator devices carried by the characters on the original 1960’s Star Trek series. They were very small devices, attached to their belts, yet carried tremendous power. They would pull it off their belts, and flip it open, etc.

    I’m hoping this causes a revolution in the smartphone scene – most guys, especially, are going to much more interested in carrying one of these small devices – IF they perform in a functional, convenient manner.

    The hot looks and styling of the device are a further attraction. I’m sure Apple is paying very close attention and a smaller iPhone will be soon within a year.

  2. JJ

    Who in their right mind will choose att at this point? Unless your under contract or something. I would rather pay big red than att. At least they don’t cap the internet at 2gb and block the appstore from amazon. This phone looks nice but only if its on sprint or tmobile(at least for now).