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2 responses to “AT&T Launches HTC Inspire 4G”

  1. thebesthandphone

    Best Smartphone…

  2. Henry

    “AT&T will allow those with grandfathered unlimited data plans to upgrade to the Inspire 4G with the unlimited plan intact.”

    This is NOT A TRUE statement.
    I have an unlimited data plan and could not upgrade to HTC inspire because I was not willing to sign up with new limited data plan. I ended up with ATT’s retention group. They were unable to save me due to the rep’s inability to extend the unlimited data plan. Basically they gave me the shaft and told me to go to Sprint for unlimited data plans because there was NO systematic way they can offer me or help me. I pay ~2800 dollars a year for family phone services, and they just wrote me off.

    Please correct the information on the post. Thanks.