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9 responses to “AT&T Launches Palm Centro in Obsidian Black with Push to Talk”

  1. randomrandom

    The title indicates it has PTT? I’m just very curious about that as I’ve never seen any Palm device with PTT, much less one on AT&T. Is there a link to a source from AT&T or Palm about that one?

  2. Don Louie

    Does that mean we can hold hope of an 800 with DC?

  3. Christopher Price

    QChat and AT&T’s PTT platforms are different beasts.

    Adding AT&T PTT to Windows Mobile is rather straightforward, once the stack was written, it was a deploy once, deploy everywhere situation. It required little customization to port that to Palm OS and deliver it to Centro.

    QChat is more robust, and requires hardware to make things work. This requires interacting software with specific hardware custom to EV-DO Rev A. What I’m getting at is… while it would be nice to point to the Treo 800w as having QChat, I would not use the Centro on AT&T as any indicator.

  4. Don Louie

    Meaning you wouldn’t use a Palm w/ptt or ATT Palm w/ptt?

  5. Christopher Price

    I never said that. I simply said that QChat is a more complicated protocol than AT&T’s protocol (Kodiak).

    That’s not to say Kodiak is not adequate, that’s more of a personal preference question. Some think it’s fine, others hate it. The same can be said for every PTT platform.

    I myself, for what it’s worth, don’t use PTT at all.

  6. Dan

    ATT should have it listed as “Push to Wait”

  7. eddie

    i was just wondering is it better than the iphone?

    and can you jailbreak it like the iphone?