AT&T Launches Samsung A177 and Samsung Magnet Messaging Phones

Following up on the launch of the $3/day Go Phone Unlimited plan, AT&T and Samsung have launched the Samsung A177 and the Samsung Magnet messaging phones for prepaid and postpaid service respectively.

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The phones are identical save for bodyshell color and feature quadband GSM/EDGE, VGA camera, Bluetooth, landscape display, QWERTY keyboard, and speakerphone.

The Magnet is available for $199.99 with No Commitment or $49.99 after a new 2 year agreement before an additional $30 mail-in rebate, bringing the total to $19.99. The A177 is available for $99.99 before additional rebates when activated with new GoPhone service.

Buy a Samsung A177 (GoPhone) from AT&T
Buy a Samsung Magnet from AT&T
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3 responses to “AT&T Launches Samsung A177 and Samsung Magnet Messaging Phones”

  1. Dropship

    What is the major difference here between these 2 phones as I am debating between them and when you call att they really don’t know.

  2. t-money

    we’re selling the a177 “shift” at radioshack and i think this will be the replacement phone of choice for all those water-damaged text or smartphone customers we get in all the time that aren’t eligible for upgrade. personally i want one of these it looks freakin sweet!