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2 responses to “AT&T Loophole Grants Unlimited iPhone Data to Metered Data Users”

  1. AT&T still stinks

    If you haven’t jumped on an iPhone yet and with a Verizon release imminent, why the hell would anyone want to go to AT&T this late in the game??

  2. Nopparat

    Only option nbeumr three would be viable, SR.Page Plus cannot use Verizon’s data addons, and the pay-as-you-go Verizon prepaid will not activate on smartphones. Hence, neither option is available to you.Only the third option will work, and you’d better hurry, as Verizon will be dropping the $15 data plan at the end of the month.There is a $29.99 voice plan, but it is only available to senior citizens. The cheapest single-line voice plan is normally $39.99/month.As such, this deal is really only stellar for people that have either an existing Verizon service, such as on a family plan. Page Plus users who are looking for a Wi-Fi-only smartphone also would find this a good deal, as Page Plus allows activation without data, or with their tiny data plans.