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7 responses to “AT&T Now Requiring Messaging Plans on Messaging Phones”

  1. Yeah that Guy

    Some one will be mad. But, what is the point of a messaging phone if one doesn’t message?

  2. SaltyDawg

    Yeah you probably want a messagign plan if you own a messaging device. But if times get hard and you need to cut back, or if your kid gets in trouble and you want to get rid of his text messaging as punishment, then you should be able to do that.

  3. JJ

    What is a messaging phone? Is it just texting or does it include pictures? Isn’t almost every phone messaging capable?

  4. SaltyDawg

    I think a messaging phone has a keyboard. Pretty much every phone is capable of messaging, but some phones are made specifically for it. For example, some AT&T messaging phones are:
    Samsumg Magnet, Pantech Impact, Samsung Propel, Pantech Reveal, Moptorola Karma, Samsung Flight, and the Samsung Impression.

    They are all dumbphones that have qwerty keyboards.

  5. Daniel

    Some messaging phones are free and that is all the customer wants is a free phone. Of course the sales rep is going to push whatever makes them the most money.

  6. Yeah That Guy

    As a long time employee in phone industry let me make something clear. I want you to get a phone you want. A phone you will be excited about and brag about. No one wants that thing being returned!!! That is point one.
    Point two… those sales reps get paid based on the features and accessories. Not the phone. Some phones offer more features and better accessories.

  7. Christopher Price

    AT&T is faced with a tough voice market. $69 unlimited voice plans are cutting into their profit margins. By making data features mandatory on as many phones and devices as possible, AT&T can recover some of those cuts in profit margin.

    This is not about making sure texting customers have a great experience, this is about nullifying free text messaging services like textPlus.