8 responses to “AT&T Offers Free WiFi to LaptopConnect Customers”

  1. Jeff

    Good move on AT&T’s part. This removes people from its cellular network and gives people faster data service. I have no idea how Sprint will compete unless they lower their price. They just don’t have the WiFi reach.

  2. Fahad Khan

    From the looks of things, AT&T is becoming consumer friendly day by day.

  3. SaltyDawg

    Another nail in the coffin of Sprint…

    Sprint announces a 5GB limit on their data, and AT&T follows by announcing free, unlimited WiFi included at no extra cost- in thousands of locations nationwide, and all at the same price as Sprint’s data.

    Now if AT&T wouold just lower their data price for smart phones, there would be no reason whatsoever for anyone to ever consider Sprint.

  4. Christopher Price

    Nobody’s stopping you from using a smartphone on AT&T with MEdia Net…

  5. Fahad Khan

    You’re right. $15 on a smart phone and with Nokia and Motorola you can also use them as a modem. For Motorola you’d need Motorola Phone Tools though.

  6. Christopher Price

    You don’t need MPT to use a Motorola phone as a modem.

  7. Fahad Khan

    How do you use it without MPT? I’ve never had luck doing it without MPT

  8. Christopher Price

    With Bluetooth, or you download the latest Motorola USB drivers and just set up the connection manually.

    There is absolutely no reason for MPT. All it does is enter in the login info and setup the dial-up connection for you. There’s no hidden drivers or communications layer… MPT’s internet setup is just a bunch of scripts.