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2 responses to “AT&T Officially Approves PlayBook Bridge with Tethering Requirement”

  1. Jim

    That’s the American Way. Ruin it. Add code to an OEM’s app to cripple it and “tether” it to a FEE. Shameless, usurous, predatory unreguatd American Capitalism at it’s finest. Totally wrecked the embedded 3G market before it hardly got off the ground, tethering fees out the whazoo, stingy caps, high rates now this PlayBook tethering crap from AT&T.

    When I read about how different carrier tarriffs are in Assia and Europe it just sickens me how putridly predatory the American wireless industry is in comparison. Americans need to become aware of just how different and consumer fiendly things are elsewhere so they can open their eyes and stop being innocent naieve fodder for American corporate avarice and greed.

  2. MR

    yet another reason to hate AT&T