AT&T Planning New Wave of Refurbished iPhone (3G) Sales

AT&T is gearing up to offer another round of iPhone sales in refurbished configuration. The company began notifying select third-parties that iPhone units would be sold as refurbished phones on their web site.

It is not clear which iPhone models AT&T will offer. In the past, AT&T offered first-generation iPhone units on their web site, for as low as $149 off the full retail price (which at the time was $399).

The iPhone 3G has been on-sale for nearly four months, and there is likely sufficient supplies of returned units to prompt an initial wave of refurbished sales. Apple has maintained a refurbished iPhone sales page on their online store, however it has been empty since the launch of iPhone 3G.

Considering the deep-discounting of first-generation iPhones prior to the launch of iPhone 3G however, it is likely that Apple has reduced supplies of the original iPhone down to warranty-replacement levels. Thus, it is logical that this upcoming wave of iPhone refurbs will indeed be iPhone 3G units.

Finally, we cannot confirm if these units will be sold as unactivated units, or if AT&T will require a new line of service via their web site. Either way, this upcoming sale of refurbished iPhones will likely mark the first time iPhone 3G has been sold online, without needing to go to a retail store to complete the transaction.

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