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14 responses to “AT&T Rebranding and Repricing Data Plans”

  1. joe

    Anyone know how this effects the pre-paid scene? Are they going to bring back unlimited data access for pre-paid?

  2. Jason

    I sure hope so!! ^

  3. SaltyDawg

    So I have several Tilts on a family plan with the unlimited family shared messaging ($30 total) and unlimited PDA data ($30 each). Is anything changing on my plan?

  4. Christopher Price

    That depends on if you use MEdia Net as your smartphone’s data plan (unsupported), or if you are using PDA Connect as your Tilt’s data plan (supported).

    If you are using MEdia Net, you could switch over to having the Unlimited Family Messaging add-on, and then cut the data price to the $10/month rate.

  5. Jason

    From the article my understanding is that pda or smartphone devices such as an iphone will not see any savings. please correct me if I am wrong

  6. Christopher Price

    Jason, officially that is correct. However, many users also have adapted MEdia Net to work with PDAs and Smartphones. Under AT&T’s open device policy, it’s questionable as to if this is permitted… especially with devices that AT&T never approved.

    For example, is the unlocked HTC Touch Diamond considered supported under MEdia Net? That depends on who you ask.

    As such, if you are using MEdia Net right now on your devices, you should be able to switch to the new Family Data Plans and see considerable savings.

  7. Jason

    I see what your saying, It’s kinda like when I had my Iphone 3g on Pay as you go with the much missed unlimited media net pack for 19.99. I currently have a family plan with Unlmt txt , so if I go to Att and ask for a sim on my family plan with unlimited data that should work on my Fuze (touch pro). Correct?
    or even better my 3g Iphone??

  8. Tyler

    Does this mean I can get out of my contract because they are changing prices?

  9. Christopher Price

    No, you can keep using the old add-ons at the old rates. You just have to add them to your account before the 25th. This is not an ETF-out, AT&T can change add-on prices at any time without affecting your contract term.

  10. Jason

    Ok Folks, I was checking Att website to checkout the new pricing and I could not get the Family plan to work as described above. I added the family plan ($69.99) and unlimited txt for families but when I also try to add unlimited data to a line it shows as being $15 per line not $10.
    Am I doing somthing wrong or can this only be done in-store??

  11. Jason

    Well some of the changes are in affect because there is no more media net on the website they have changed to the new data and messaging plans. Its just the family plan part that I dont see the new pricing.

  12. Jason

    Hey Chris, Have you had any luck adding the $10 or $15 data plan to a pda type or iphone??
    I am wondering if you can just ask for a sim to add to my accnt with the $15 data plan and will that work in my iphone?

  13. Mike

    Just wanted to say that as of February, if you go to the store I know that you can get the unlimited family data for $10

    Also, you can pick and chose which lines you want it on, you only have to get it on the lines that you want.