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16 responses to “AT&T Sending Messages to Jailbroken Tethering App Users”

  1. Phoneman

    Why does anyone even use AT&T anymore? This is about the most anti consumer company I can think of. Limits on dsl internet, limits on wireless internet, locked down phones, high prices, etc.

    I would never consider giving AT&T a dime while they were doing all this crap and there were better and even cheaper alternatives.

  2. Christopher Price

    Net Neutrality is true fairness for all customers.

  3. robert

    Its funny if Sprint did this phonenews would be on a Sprint bash event.

    Now that its att, Chris trust to make it a positive

  4. Phoneman

    @ Robert

    How do you figure Chris made it a positive? The way I see it, he bashed them for violating net neutrality.

  5. robert

    Did you even read

    This is just att press release…

  6. Phoneman

    Well Christopher Price made the post right above yours. I just thought it was weird that Christopher Price makes a negative post about AT&T, and then the very next post was you saying that Chris was spinning it to look like a positive.

  7. Chris

    Does AT&T changing your data plan without consulting you expressly allow you to leave your AT&T contract without an

  8. HTC Thunderbolt User

    I can understand the letters. If it says dont tether, than dont tether. As far as I’m concerned at&t is the plegue of limited data. That is why I would NEVER subscribe to them. They have ruined the internet as us customers always knew it.

  9. F1

    I just hope that this new policy does not migrate to other copycat carriers and thereby becomes universal, also the method of the policy enforcement is at best troublesome, hence potentialy providing an ETF out, if it is in fact a material change to the initial contract. Thank You

  10. Christopher Price

    Chris, in our opinion changing your plan without your consent would be an ETF-out.

    But AT&T wouldn’t see it that way, and you’d be left fighting debt collectors. Trust me, we’ve been there.

  11. HTC Thunderbolt User

    I’m really enjoying this 4g LTE unlimited plan. Hopefully they don’t change it. Otherwise I’ll just have to take my money somewhere else.

  12. F1

    One more loss for SPRINT!

    Thank You

  13. F1

    SPRINT is crying already, Johny come lately…watch out for VZW, if the FCC has no issue with this buyout/M&A, SPRINT will fall victim to a hostile takeover, the end of choices in the cellular industry, outlook as you can imagine for the consumer will be very bleak. Thank You

  14. Phoneman

    F1, you are absolutely correct. If the feds let AT&T buy T-Mobile, the clock will be ticking on a Verizon buyout of Sprint.

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