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19 responses to “AT&T Testing GoPhone $3/day Unlimited Plan”

  1. Sonic Fan

    I don’t really see what’s so great about this. Sure, you don’t have to sign a contract, and you save about 10 bucks a month, but you won’t get a subsidised price on a new phone, or unlimited data.

    In all honesty, I would expect most customers that this is marketed to would rather go with Cricket PayGo for just $1 a day. Now if this included 3G Data, then maybe it would be worth getting excited about…

  2. SunZoo

    The Cricket PayGo price structure is much better if you meet the stringent criteria for its use: if you live in one of the very few native Cricket coverage areas, if you never travel out of that area (as the basic $1-per-day PayGo plan does not include roaming), if you never make long-distance calls (ten cents a minute if you do), and if you’ll be happy using one of their POS PayGo phones.

    If you honestly don’t see what’s so great about one of the industry giants finally capitulating to the growing demand for unlimited prepaid voice service, you need to broaden your vision a bit. This is a huge step in the right direction for a company that has thus far had its feet stuck in the mud when it comes to courting and keeping prepaid customers.

    Now if they’d just permit a recurring debit from your prepaid balance to pay for data services like text packages, instead of requiring them to be purchased every month, I might consider using them again.

  3. Xtremegene

    Is this really limited to Florida? I know I’ve heard radio ads to this effect ($3 / day unlimited talk on the days you use it for AT&T Pay as You Go) here in Houston, TX … unless that means they’re going to test it here soon as well.

  4. Christopher Price

    As usual, it may be in more areas. Florida is all we could confirm when we went to press…

  5. Dave Duke

    Well looks like the OTHER sleeping wireless giant finally woke up! Att’s finally blinking at the unlimited flat rate challenge in this economy. But it looks like they’re trying to take more of a Verizon prepaid approach then a Metro/Cricket/Boost approach. I.E. Premium branding/pricing compared to Metro/Cricket/Boost. Verizon has an unlimited talk plan with 3.99 a day so this would be more in line with that area of the market. At least Att is finally doing something though. Tmobile already gave a lot of its customers 49.99 unlimited talk to keep them and it was Sprint who launched the Boost Unlimited plan for $50. Att is the last of the Big Four national wireless carriers to respond. About time.

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  7. Jeff

    How many people really use all these minutes? I think they need text and data plans with like 200 minutes a month.

  8. C E Crowlegy

    AT&T are a bunch of crooks. Their plans are unaffordable and their sales reps laugh at you when you call to voice concern. I’m cancelling my iphone / at&t tryst and going back to Verizon.

  9. Don Louie

    Go to Sprint and you’ll save gobs

  10. jj

    yeah att its too late to try to woo customers that have been affected by the economy now. Iphone will be coming to other carriers soon and then youll see how many people leave att. Iphone has been holding att on top. I feel bad when their exclusivity agreement is over. There will be a mass exodus.

  11. SaltyDawg

    So does this include unlimited mobile to mobile minutes? If you use nothing but mobile to mobile minutes, will you get charged the $3.00 for that day?

    This could be nice if it had unlimited data, mobile to mobile, and messaging.

  12. Call Center rep

    When you access the voice network for AT&T you activate the plan for that day. That means if someone calls you and you press the end button to send to voicemail… you just accessed the network. IF you allow it to go to voicemail on its own… you will not be charged. Call your voicemail… charged the access fee. Text Msgs do not use the voice network so if you were to just text msg all day you would not be charged the daily access fee.

  13. Call Center rep

    BTW with the 3000 N&W feature plan you still need to access the network so you are charged for that day. Also with plans like the 3000 N&W plans… if you call someone on the AT&T network you use your minutes from the 3000 pool before you use minutes from your free mobile to mobile. Free M2M is last on the list of minutes used.

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  15. JosephD

    I don’t know why people are even considering this offer, if you add it up this $3 per day is over $90 per month, that is outrageously expensive and it’s not as if they are offering anything extra to go with it. Even if I were to use it for only ten days per month I would still be paying more than I do with my Net10 phone. You then can’t take all your calls and and have to worry about how often you make calls instead of calling whoever, wherever and from wherever you want whenever you want to call like I do on Net10. That is because Net10 only charges 10 cents per minute without any daily fee, no roaming or long distance charges and no hidden costs. I’ll keep my Net10 phone thank you and AT&T can keep their expensive packages.

  16. jeannie collum

    To whom this may concern I am very unhappy with my service…I have been for sometime now but have been putting off my complaints in hopes this services would get better. But it continues to to get worse
    I spend at least $70 to $150 a month on your prepay service. There for a while I was getting a bonus for the money I spent but it seems you have cut that out also…below is a few charges with my complaints to the side of each transaction
    I feel was just a pure scam done by ATT co. And it makes me angry to know your company can justify stealing money like this
    from customers and hoping the ones like myself doesnt pay attention like I did when all this was billed. Therefore your
    unprofessional and dishonesty buisness handlings is the reason why I have chose to take my buisness elsewhere. My main complaint is at 11:30pm charge 3:00 then 45 minutes at 1:28am charge another $3.00 when at 12:30 refilled airtime and of course
    one will use the phone. Also you advertise 411 calls are 1.79 but charge 1.99. You know good scam on making that 3.00 a day deal you have its good if you use it all day but most people think that if i pay 3.00 now then i got 24 hours before i pay again
    But thats the idea Att company wants everyone to think so this way the company can scam back what the customers who know the game used up. Well its shitty and I am no longer gonna be part of ATT scams…You have competition out here that are cheaper and im
    taking advantage of it now. Its a shame this company has to rob hardworking people and when I say rob I do mean literally steal or misinform the customers of the charges and its against the law but for some reason ATT can get by with it.

    I have been paying up to 150 a month for damn prepay phone service…my stupidty…I am done with your company I am sick being scammed…And I hope more and more people realized what scam you people you are doing to them..For $49.99 booost mobile offers unlimited phone message and web and two way included for $69.99 your company offers freaking voice and weekend minutes what a rip off…
    hope you loose lots of buisness…greed gets companies nowhere and hopefully it will sink ATT…hola.

    12/12/2009 12:19:25 AM CST
    Daily Fee -$3.00 more information second time charged 3.00
    12/12/2009 12:18:43 AM CST Outgoing Call $ 0.00 more information
    12/11/2009 11:39:01 PM CST Daily Fee -$3.00 more information with in 38 minutes was charged 3.00 twice. only used the phone twice…
    12/11/2009 11:37:32 PM CST Outgoing Call $ 0.00 more information
    12/11/2009 11:36:40 PM CST Refill $15.00 more information

    ily Fee -$3.00 more information 7 hours later was charged 3.00 again daily fee
    12/20/2009 05:27:41 AM CST Outgoing Call $ 0.00 more information
    12/20/2009 05:24:52 AM CST SMS Originating -$ 0.20 more information
    12/20/2009 04:49:29 AM CST SMS Terminating -$ 0.20 more information
    12/20/2009 04:48:43 AM CST SMS Originating -$ 0.20 more information
    12/20/2009 04:47:35 AM CST SMS Terminating -$ 0.20 more information
    12/20/2009 04:45:44 AM CST SMS Originating -$ 0.20 more information
    12/19/2009 08:50:44 PM CST Voicemail Retrieval $ 0.00 more information
    12/19/2009 08:49:27 PM CST SMS Originating -$ 0.20 more information
    12/19/2009 08:47:02 PM CST SMS Originating -$ 0.20 more information
    12/19/2009 08:45:35 PM CST SMS Terminating -$ 0.20 more information
    12/19/2009 08:43:59 PM CST SMS Originating -$ 0.20 more information
    12/19/2009 08:39:30 PM CST Daily Fee -$3.00 more information another scam at 8:43pm
    12/19/2009 08:36:14 PM CST Outgoing Call $ 0.00 more information
    12/19/2009 06:25:37 PM CST Payment $15.00

    12/31/2009 07:44:22 PM CST Outgoing Call -$ 1.99 more information advertised for 411 is a 4 $1.79
    01/03/2010 01:31:02 PM CST 911 Service Fee -$0.70 more information what is a 911 service fee…i live 2 blocks from police station and have a house phone wtf is this..
    01/03/2010 12:18:19 AM CST SMS Terminating -$ 0.20 more information

  17. jeannie collum

    oh lets not forget this also i always buy the messaging plan for 4.99 when Att let me know it ran out but recently they didnt send me a reminder hell why not they were making 20 cents a text and my loss for trusting the thiefs right….well we live and learn and ATT are crooks …..

  18. Mike

    How Stupid are you people. First of all walk into a Verizon store and try to find someone that gives a shit if you stay a customer or not second get that Sprint phone that you brag about and after you drop a ton of calls come talk to me and if you think for a minute that Apple is going to let those assholes sell our products you need to get to the nut ward FAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Iphone was tested on every carriers network and it worked BEST on AT&T that is why they were the chosen ones. I sold phones for every carrier and I know what assholes they are from the inside So get in your groupie bus and go deal with those loosers. I am staying with the BEST and that is AT&T