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7 responses to “AT&T to Launch HTC Desire, Sprint to Launch HTC Legend as Hero 2”

  1. Sonic Fan

    When is Sprint going to get a top tier Android phone? The Nexus One will be released on every carrier except Sprint, Verizon has the Droid, and AT&T is getting the Desire. Hopefully that rumored WiMAX phone delivers…

  2. JJ

    The rumored wimax phone will be a top tier phone. It will have the same processor as the nexxus plus it will have htc sense which is one of the best features on any htc phone. People should already know, just because a phone is awesome doesn’t mean it is going to be good unless it gets on a network that allows you to use to its fullest.
    Just look at the iphone, it is a great phone but att makes it an ok phone. So just because att is getting nexxus it doesn’t mean that sprint is behind. Any phone works better on sprint or verizon than on att.

  3. Steven Goldfein

    I am still waiting for Sprint to release the Nextel Android phone since Sprint is no longer making hybrid cdma/evdo/iden ptt devices.

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  5. Nanfy

    Right now Sprint doesn’t have a flagship phone. The Palm Pre was its flagship phone, but Verizon got a better model.

    ATT has the Iphone
    Tmobile (Sort of) has the Nexus One
    Verizon has the Droid and now the Palm Pre Plus
    And Sprint has, well…. nothing really unique at this point.

    Time for Sprint’s CEO Mr. Hesse to get off his ass and make Sprints line up top notch again. There is no use of a 4G wimax HTC phone thats full of bugs and gets one update in its whole lifetime. I know that google will support the nexus one for years to come, they have too. But with HTC, its likely 1 update in its lifetime and then they expect you to buy a new phone.

    Sprint should demand regular android updates of its HTC phones from HTC. Look at the iphone 2G, its still getting updates going on year 3 soon.

    On another subject.
    Microsoft also has committed to a NON exclusive carrier model unlike Apple in the USA. Tim Cook recently stated that Apple makes a ton more money with non carrier exclusives, but I guess their making enough money here in the USA that they don’t need anymore 😛

  6. bottomline

    The Supersonic will be Sprint’s flagship phone…….

  7. jim

    Why is it that no matter what phone or carrier these threads blab…er…blog about they always degenerate to the lowest common denominator… Sprint? I have or have had service with T-Mo, VZW and AT&T but personally don’t give an avian rodent’s posterior about Sprint.