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6 responses to “AT&T to Launch HTC Fuze on November 11th”

  1. SONIC

    Am I uninformed, or does that picture look like a Touch Diamond, and not a Touch Pro. I have a Touch Pro (with Sprint), and I have read previous articles stating that the Touch Diamond will be coming to AT&T as the “Fuze”. Did you just put up the wrong picture, or was the “Touch Pro” part of the article a typographical error?

  2. pena411

    I own a orginal HTC PRO. Ya know what i hate about buying phones from AT&T and Sprint they degrade the phones, where is the front camera?? . Also for sprint version of the Pro i heard they took out the front camera and the rdaio??

  3. kappel80

    Just to let you know, agent stores have them already so come on in and pick’m up!

  4. Dan

    Pena…CDMA can not transmit voice and data at the same time making a front facing camera kinda pointless. I played with the Sprint verion yesterday for about a half hour and did not see a radio so it does look like they removed that feature. AT&T on the other hand could support a front facing camera for video calls since HSDPA can handle both voice and data simultaneously.

  5. HTC Opens Half-Complete Product Page for AT&T Fuze |

    […] links point to the Tilt despite the actual page for the Fuze being complete and functional. As we reported previously, the Fuze will launch on Tuesday November 11th for $299 after new 2 year agreement and rebates. […]