AT&T to Offer Insurance on All Devices Starting June 2nd

In a rather belated move long requested by customers and confirmed by many AT&T Mobility employees,  AT&T will reverse its longstanding policy of not insuring high-end devices by extending insurance coverage to any device offered by the carrier for $4.99 with a $50 deductible, including smart devices.

This makes AT&T the last carrier in the country to offer insurance coverage on both high-end devices and smart devices owing to the reluctance of the former Cingular Wireless, and their refusal to insure devices past a certain value fearing losses from expensive devices such as the Tilt.

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8 responses to “AT&T to Offer Insurance on All Devices Starting June 2nd”

  1. Fahad Khan

    Hmmm, this is interesting. You have a source?

  2. Kenneth

    Expensive devices such as the Tilt? the iPhone? If so I might consider one now.

  3. Fahad Khan

    Just got in touch with a few people I know in AT&T. They said that the iPhone will not be covered.

  4. Kenneth

    Should have known. Smartphones/PDA’s have a $125 deductable.

  5. Fahad Khan

    $125 is alot.

  6. SaltyDawg

    Dang, $125 deductible? That sucks. It’s a step in the right direction, but they still have a ways to go.

    Best Buy offers insurance on smartphones though and they sell all the AT&T phones, plus unlocked phones.

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  8. Christopher Price

    Oh, and iPhone doesn’t qualify. At least AT&T is down to one device that can’t be insured…