AT&T Will Deploy LTE on 700 MHz B Block and Aloha

AT&T has announced in a press conference, reported by Engadget Mobile, that they will deploy their LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless infrastructure across the recently-acquired 700 MHz B Block as well as on the their 700 MHz spectrum recently purchased from private firm Aloha Partners.

The decision to proceed to LTE in the future is an expected move from AT&T, as it follows the next step in the upgrade path for GSM-based wireless carriers.  AT&T was quick to point out that a 4G deployment on the acquired spectrum will give them complete coverage in all of the top 200 United States wireless markets.

AT&T has also stressed that they will continue with their 7.2 Mbit HSPA roll-out all throughout 2009, indicating that readily-available LTE access for consumers will be at least a few years off.

One response to “AT&T Will Deploy LTE on 700 MHz B Block and Aloha”

  1. tc1uscg

    LOL.. AT*T to have coverage in 200 markets thanks to LTE/700mhz?? WOW.. guess they really are a few years behind the times, like 1999. What’s the coverage now, like 10?