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16 responses to “Augen’s 7 Inch Android 2.1 Tablet, And How to Actually Reserve One”

  1. HANS

    How many will they get and when? All across USA?

  2. Jim

    Right. Like I’m gonna get an el-cheapo no-name tablet at K-Mart. The only tablets I buy at K-Mart are Tylenol.

  3. Native English Speaker

    Any more info on the specs?

  4. Rex Dixon

    Well if your store is like the one that is close to me in St. Louis, MO – they don’t give out rainchecks! So basically, once the rush on these clears and the price is normal again – $169.99 – then they will probably have them in stock. How come Augen picked Kmart to do this distribution? No chances of getting this in a major player like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc… ???? Bascially since the store I asked for a raincheck has a “no raincheck” policy – I won’t get the $149.99 price! 🙁 Bad PR Kmart!

  5. Robert

    Rainchecks don’t reserve one… it reserves the price.
    Change the title
    I talked to a few stores today.. all with different info
    They said mid August they will start to receive them

  6. Matthew


    I just got off the phone with a Kmart store in Northern Virginia. The employee in the electronics department told me that he’d gotten “about a thousand” calls about this tablet and the store hadn’t received any of them. He also told me that after receiving many calls about this device, he had done some research and spoke to the district manager. The district manager said that he couldn’t even order these devices, and that they would not be coming to this store, or anywhere in the eastern region. The employee pointed me to the disclaimer near the back of the add about not all items being available in all locations. He seemed genuinely disappointed that he didn’t have the devices in stock, saying that he could’ve sold a ton of them.

    I would like to know if this is true, and if it is even worth my time to go to the store to get a rain check. If this is actually true, then the entire eastern US may be out of luck.

  7. Robert

    Guy on ebay selling his for $250 (lol) He is located in PA (if that is accurate)
    I have called quite a few stores. The only store that have received any were 24 Hour Super Kmarts

  8. Guy

    I stopped in on Sunday at my local KMART and they were very nice about it. I had a raincheck in 30 seconds and they took my phone number and said that they would call me when it came in. I also had a $5 off onlime KMART coupon that they said that they would honor when the units came in. This device will be used for an experiment with a new Android app. It’s really not that big of a deal. These units will be everywhere for under $150 if they take off and the supply gets built up.

  9. tipstir

    Don’t bother to get this after the company VP had announced a major glitch in the onboard memory and storage memory was not showing the correct free space. Plus to make matters worst it he headphone jack is not the standard 3.5m it’s 2.5m. So what they’re going to do is that you contact Augen and tell them you have their product and thus they’ll send at their expense a 2.5m stereo headphone. I think they should recall these and fix the issues or just go back to the drawing board with it. Now that dead pixel problem on the LCD panel is appearing on some and back-light issues as well. I for one got my rain check on Tuesday evening it was like a mad house at the 30 mile drive one-way Kmart just to get the RC. Well in all here you got a store chain that’s been around prior to Walmart and Target and now this items has brighten the store so much it has made average customer come back to it. Now with the issues of this device people are going to think twice about jumping on the bandwagon again so quickly. Who knows maybe something else will appear at your Local Walmart or Target stores to compete with Kmart disaster tablet?

  10. joe

    they are not shipping because there are still some major bubs/and delays in the Telechips firmware with Android 2.1…..which is already behind schedule for release since April

    the market link i am pretty sure will NOT BE PRESENT, as it is against Google’s policies

    for more information, check this site

  11. foo

    Seems like the companies doing this aren’t paying attention to their licensing properly:

  12. FudFighter

    @foo ….who cares what they are doing. Not your worry. You can read the version info right in the device Android and it’s already been rooted. Custom Roms are on the way. The SDK can be downloaded easily. It’s the newest 2.1 Android w/ 1st update installed. If they are able to get a new kernel in it can be overclocked. They already managed to get in and kill unneeded processes to kick the speed up. The market is not working yet though. But you can download the adk’s and install them on the device. For the “On the Cheap and Experimental” these devices hold a lot of potential for the price.

  13. joe

    isnt there some legal issue about having android market link active in screen sizes over 5″ diagonal?

    otherwise, everyone would offer this by now

    only unlicensed chinese manufacturers are offering market link at this time

    the augen piece seems to be from its on their site

  14. jason

    I have bought this ipad with android 2.1 from china,It’s cool.

    I like to use its ebook function(alot better than reading in my HTC), skype, msn, webmail, youtube and some little games, also i like the Antroid Market software that could download freeware onine and install easily.

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