Best Buy Mobile to Sell Palm Pre Without Mail-in Rebate Requirement

Best Buy has announced that it will sell the Palm Pre for $199.99 without the need for a mail-in rebate when the hotly-anticipated device is launched across Best Buy Mobile locations simultaneously with Sprint, Radio Shack, and select Wal-Mart stores on June 6th.

The only caveat to the offering is that a limited number of Pre devices will be made available across the Best Buy Mobile chain, with shortages to be expected for an unspecified amount of time across all sales channels according to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse.

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12 responses to “Best Buy Mobile to Sell Palm Pre Without Mail-in Rebate Requirement”

  1. Richard

    Do you have any deets on what the price for upgrades will be at both the Sprint retail locations and the Best Buys?

  2. Don Louie

    $399 in Sprint w/$100 MIR and $299 at Best Buy because they do instant rebates

  3. worldbfree4me

    Sorry, Don Dada…You are wrong. The price is $199 after mail in rebate at Sprint stores and $199 (rebate is instant) out the door at Best Buy. Best Buy never insists that you mail in a rebate on any phone sold there. I should know, my last two units were purchased there explicitly to avoid having to wait 6-8 weeks for $50-$100 worth of bait in the mail.

  4. Motty

    No. It’s 299 w/$100 mail in rebate and 199 at best buy if you qualify for the 22 month upgrade or 12 month premier upgrade.

  5. worldbfree4me

    Motty, no so fast. I think you misunderstood. Sprint $299.99 retail – $100 rebate equals $199. FYI: RT @engadget: Best Buy Mobile to skip rebate, sell Palm Pre for $199.99 outright

  6. celz

    all of you guys missed it don louie is talkin about the customer upgqade price.. but i think the new user and upgrade price will be the same..

  7. Carlos

    When I bought my Touch Pro at Best Buy last December they gave me the same 199.99 price as a new customer even though mine was an upgrade. That isn’t always the case as there are instances where the upgrade price is higher than the new customer price.

  8. Christopher Price

    To be clear:

    Sprint Stores – New Customers: $299 – $100 Sprint Credit Rebate = $199
    Best Buy – New Customers: $199 Without Rebates.

    We have not been able to confirm the various upgrade prices. We suspect that upgrade-eligible customers will at most pay $100 more.

    What isn’t clear is if Sprint is going to offer some sort of early upgrade pricing scheme, for customers who are still under contract. We suspect though that the full retail price will win the day in that category.

  9. Don Louie

    I was $100 off, my fault

  10. Richard

    Thanks Chris. You always come through.

  11. epic phail

    Sprint corporate uses the same price on 2yr renewals as for new 2yr activations. dealers set their own prices and usually charge more on upgrades as they usually make more on activations than upgrades.