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8 responses to “Bing Maps for Mobile Adds Turn By Turn”

  1. JJ

    Just tried it and it is pretty awesome. I can’t believe microsoft beat google to the punch. Unless google doesn’t want to focus too much on Windows Mobile.
    This makes my TP2 and my Sero plan worth a little bit more. Thanks Microsoft!

  2. Christopher Price

    Bing Turn by Turn will work with unsupported phones, but your device will not auto update.

    If your phone isn’t on that list, go to and re-download Bing from there. It will then update and enable turn by turn navigation.

  3. Jeff

    Ever available on iPhone?

  4. Christopher Price

    I suspect Microsoft released Bing turn by turn on Windows Mobile first in order to pressure Apple into accepting the same upgrades on the iPhone side.

    Also, Microsoft has a lot of political capital invested in bolstering Windows Mobile.

    The real decision Microsoft will have to make, is if Bing Turn by Turn is something they should hold over to Windows Phone 7, and keep from iPhone.

    I suspect that decision won’t be made until after work is finished on Bing for WP7. It would be an even bigger blunder for WP7 to launch without Bing Turn by Turn.

  5. SaltyDawg

    I can’t imagine a scenario where Win Phone 7 launches without Bing turn by turn.

    If that happened, someone should be immediately fired.

    Win Phone 7 still sucks, but you can bet your dollar it will have the latest and greatest Bing.

  6. After Forever

    On my first experience of using the Bing turn-by-turn, I must say that I was impressed with the way MS has delivered this navigation software. Now I have only used this once on my trip home yesterday. I have to give MS two thumbs up. This is the type of product I expect to see from MS.
    We’ll have to wait and see once I have the opportunity to use this when I am out of town.
    Phone: AT&T Tilt2 (HTC TP2)

  7. JJ

    Will bing mobile work on the blackberry from virgin mobile?

  8. Christopher Price

    JJ, Bing search for mobile does work on BlackBerry. However, turn by turn directions is currently a Bing service only for Windows phones.