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68 responses to “BlackBerry 8350i to Refresh Nextel iDEN Offering”

  1. Mills

    Erik, curious to know if Sprint is sending you a new phone/SIM card? Have had the same issues as you since 12/17 after using the phone for less than 8 hours; and have not been able to use since.

    Are there any helpful tips you can provide that may not have already been listed here?

  2. jaybird

    Erik, I am having the same problem and Sprint had to re order my phone which they did not even tell me the phone is on backorder. Tech support said that he has had some other customers with this same issue and it is a bad handset. I do not understand why Sprint do not have any handsets set aside for bad shippments. Please let me know if you have gotten your phone yet.

  3. hahayourphonedontwork!

    My blackberry 8350i is working properly i got my e-mail set up and also wifi. I basically set up everything on it already my gps, I uploaded all my music and videos and doc. It runs perfect but I did need to talk to like 6 representatives in order to get it activated but my new sim worked so far no problems what so ever. Phone is very cool kind of easy to use. This is my first blackberry and i love it! best thing about it you can listen to music wile you do other stuff with your phone like text and surf the net take pic.s. All I’m saying this is a great phone i recommend it to anyone who loves blackberry

  4. LivingTheFashion

    My 8350i works fine when talking on the two way or regular phone line but only problem I’m having for me to send text messaging or be able to receive a text message I have to turn my phone off for maybe 5 minutes then turn it on then turn it on so I can receive it. I spoke with a lady from Nextel on the text messageing side she told me their having problems with the text messages through the network. I wonder if that is true

  5. fonz

    its not true. they feed that line of shit to anyone who will listen. if that was the case everyone using bb would be having issues.

  6. Mills

    Yes, its true. Sprint/Nextel currently has a “national work order” (or whatever they call it) regarding the text mail issue. While my initial problem was a defective 8350i unit, the BB support tech I’ve been working with (Dustin) informed me the ticket had been put in since our initial encounter.

  7. LivingTheFashion


    I was on the phone with Mark (Blackberry Advance Tech Support) he told me the same thing all night last night he told me its been a well known issue all day they believe its something have to do with the text messaging server? I had my text messaging working full speed until today its messing up

  8. Pete

    I bought 2 of the new 8350i Blackberry on Dec. 15th. I havent had text messaging for more than 8 hours straight without turning the phone on and off or taking the battery out for it to work. The service is GARBAGE! Ive talked to Level 2 Blackberry support 9 times in 2 weeks today. Ive been into options, deleted my service book,take the battery out, put back in, host routing table, register now….nobody knows what their doing. They all tell me their is an outage. Ive been a customer for 7 years and never had this problem til I got this phone. I work in a company that has switched over to AT&T and this issue may make me switch too. The AT&T Blackberry Bold is so much more advanced. They should of never released the 8350i until they had all the bugs out. If the text worked, it would be Perfect all the way around……!!

  9. Pete

    Nextel Blacberry Level II # 866-275-1072 for all of you that have a new 8350i Blackberry…..They wont let me talk to anyone higher until Level II tries anything and they want to do the same diagnostic tests that they already did 9 times that Ive called! GOOD LUCK.

  10. scott

    can my 7100i sim card work with the new 83501?

  11. lisa

    cant wait to get mine. thank for all the comments.

  12. Steve

    Great comments both good and bad. Some actually think before they speak but don’t we sometimes. Having said that, the 8350i seems to offer a lot of what people have asked for since the 7100i was released so long ago. All phones have advantages and disadvantages. Bottomline: If you appreciate what BBs offer and are avid Nextel user like I am then this phone is for you. However, for some of those first in line for the new 8350i BBs, you got both your “reward and disappointment”. You get the joy of telling us what we are missing and the frustration of learning what “bugs” have yet to be worked out (eg. SMS receive mode, among other things). Yes, SMS problem is a “national” work order problem confirmed by corporate technical support–I called several sources both locally and at Trust me they want it fixed as fast as the rest of us do. Besides it is Blackberry’s good name on the line not just Nextel/Sprint’s name. So if you can’t afford the inconvience…stick with what you got until they fix it. Besides, the sun will indeed rise tomorrow and life will go on with or without this 8350i. God Bless you all!

  13. John L. Shinn III

    A week ago, I went to Sprint and got the Blackberry 8330. Sprint’s 3G network is blazingly fast. Then I saw a colleague with a Blackberry 8350i, so I went back to Sprint and exchanged the 8330 for the 8350i—since my job requires me to also have a walkie-talkie.
    The Sprint salesperson did point out that the 8350i runs on the Nextel radio network, but failed to make it clear that Nextel’s network is slow and nowhere near Sprint’s 3G network. The store only had two 8350i’s and I was lucky enough to get one before they were put out as display models.
    Now I’m stuck with the 8350i (since Sprint would only allow one return/exchange with 30 days of purchase) which takes 2, 3 or 4 times longer than the 8330 to open a website. Watching is a joke as Nextel’s network is rather slow.
    If you love to surf the ‘net, don’t get the 8350i and stick with Sprint’s 8330 or other 8000 models running on the 3G network. But if you use the walkie-talkie more than you surf the ‘net, then get the 8350i.
    I know I cannot have everything in one phone such as the 8350i. But considering that I have to now carry only one phone instead of three (and capable of using the 16gig MicroSD compared to the 8330’s 2 gig capacity) —more than outweighs the shortcomings of the 8350i running on Nextel’s network.
    Overall, I’m still happy with the 8350i. I only wished that Nextel runs on the 3G network.

  14. David

    There is a real problem with this phone. My first one came in December and I am now on my third one as of February. Even tech support admits they have a laundry list of issues with this phone and no upcoming work arounds. Nextel wanted to launch this phone quickly to stem sagging sales but didnt properly finish beta testing it. The most prominent issue centers around the horrible echo that occurs either constantly or intermittently either on the 8350i side or the other party’s side. In any case it is so bad as to render phone calls unintelligible sometimes. Nextel suggests turning the volume down to almost mute. That’s great except you then can not hear a word of the other party’s conversation with you. They told me that this problem occurs if you put a skin around the phone. That is fine, except I never had a skin. Here is the REAL problem: Nextel refused to take back the phone without charging me the early termination fee even though I reported issues the first day I had the phone. I had also gone to the repair center 6 times in less than 30 minutes to be told that there wasnt anything they could do. So…. if you are really ready to have to deal with a whole lot of problems, better stick with something that’s been around for a while. Its a shame that Nextel just can’t seem to get it right.

  15. Joe G

    I just got the new update for my BB and when somebody calls me on the direct connect it shows me a missed call even if i talked to them. How do i turn that off and i noticed when i got the update, in the downloads it shows me direct send messages. What is that and the phone will not let me delete it. Other than that, my phone seems to be working ok. Please email me back at or just replie back. Thanks



  17. luis

    Want to play music thru my bluetooth headset, can someone help me out?!?!

  18. ottoebc

    yepp..this 8350i is garbage,,I exchange the phone 5times..because,, the phone completely died,,will no re;boot,,will not make calls,,will not take photos..and whole lot of stuff..5 DIFFERENT TIMES i wnet in and got another one and anothe one and another one..this is garbage,,and then they said OHHH your stuck with us for 2 years or will charge a termination fee…I said FF IT…I ll put you guys bill on my Bankruptcy,,so what…so I ended selling my junk on ebay..and they send me another one so I would cancell and I also selled that on ebay..for a total of almost $600.00,,take that Nextel / Sprint..LMAO.