BlackBerry 8820 for T-Mobile Launches Today

BlackBerry 8820As we previously reported, T-Mobile is launching the BlackBerry 8820 smartphone today, complete with GPS, Wi-Fi, and compatibility for their HotSpot@Home VoIP calling service.

The 8820 is certainly targeted more at high-end BlackBerry users, as it is not typical for RIM to include both Wi-Fi and GPS into the same device. Subscribers using T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home calling service also in need of more advanced functionality from their device will be pleased with the BlackBerry 8820’s feature set, though it does come without a camera — positioning this smartphone as a business device.

The 8820 has a microSD card slot, and full support for T-Mobile’s myFaves calling plans. The BlackBerry 8820 joins the BlackBerry Curve, 8700g, 8800, and Pearl in T-Mobile’s BlackBerry lineup.

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