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5 responses to “BlackBerry 9670 Listed as Style in Sprint Inventory”

  1. Creighton

    YES! Cant wait this is my next phone.

  2. c

    This blows. AT&T Gets the torch and CDMA users get this? The only reason AT&T is alive is because the get all the good hardware. Where is the CDMA torch?!?!

  3. Duker

    I agree, Sprint needs to hit a home run with a device, the network is there for it.

  4. Creighton

    At all the haters what can I say guess ya gotta like clamshells & I still do. This has things the Lotus doesn’t & Im glad Sprint is getting it & us fliphone lovers who like all the features packed in this Style no pun intended lol will buy it in droves. Oh and to squash all the beloved stereotypes. No im not a girl and im not that “old” lol. I honestly wouldn’t care who was manufacturing this device it would still be my next phone.

  5. ray

    EVDO REV O equals slow internet equals FAIL