BlackBerry Announces Z3 and Q20 Smartphones, BBM for Windows Phone

BlackBerry quietly announced more developments during Mobile World Congress today, starting with the announcement of a new Q-series QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry smartphone in the Q20 with a larger 3.5 inch display and the reintroduction of the optical trackpad from the previous generation smartphone along with the rest of the familiar “toolbelt” in the BlackBerry key, hardware “send”/”end” keys and the hardware back key.

The phone has no official physical representation at the moment and CEO John Chen has confirmed that the phone will be available in the second half of the year. The above is an artist rendering of what the phone is expected to resemble based on the specifications given by BlackBerry in the press announcement released earlier today.

BlackBerry Z30 new

Following the announcement of the Q20, BlackBerry also announced the first details of a new Z series full-touch model meant for the Indonesian market in the Z3. The Z3 will mark the first device manufactured under the new partnership with Foxconn and will feature a 5-inch touch display while hitting a target price of $200 outright. BlackBerry declined to release full device specifications for the Z3 in its announcement.

bbm_icon_rgbFinally, after initially being shot down by BlackBerry executives, the company has announced an expansion of its BBM service to Windows Phone 8 users starting this Summer with all of the key features found in the Android and iOS versions. This follows unexpected demand for the service on Windows Phone following the initial comments.

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  1. Jon Pope


    For the love of Flying Spaghetti Monster, it is people like you who give “Windows Phone” a bad name. It is not Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile was an older O.S. that didn’t work in today’s touch world and was killed off, for mobile phones, in 2010. Because people keep referring to it as Windows Mobile they think it is that old archaic O.S.

  2. adam agust