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3 responses to “BlackBerry PlayBook Refurbs Fall to $150 at Best Buy”

  1. Carlos

    I wouldn’t buy one of these simply because this is the second incarnation of the touchpad (nail after nail in the coffin and this is just the latest). If you’re feeling like walking on the wild side then the warrant should be a non issue as Squaretrade will set you up. However one should factor the cost of the warranty along with the device as most devices don’t require you purchase anything to get even a basic warranty.

  2. Zack Winfrey

    Carlos is being an idiot. The Playbook is not being discontinued like the touchpad was. This is an incredible deal.

  3. Skiz

    I got a 64GB refurb at Bestbuy and it is great; Killer deal for this much hardware in one device! Apps are better then I was told and there is more being added all the time. Good move for RIM to cut the price, I dont think I would have bought a full price tablet of any kind