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3 responses to “Boost Debuts Shrinkage Plan Discount Program”

  1. Jefe

    Does this plan work with all boost phones? What if I have had an unlimited plan for a year already? I’m assuming the clock starts now? Thanks for the heads up.

  2. CC

    i have boostmobile service for a while now and as soon as i saw this add, i signed up for shrinkage and i recieved an email stating that my shrinkage plan services begins as of nov 1, 2010. so it does not matter how long you have been with them…the clock begins as soon as you sign up by switching plan to the one with shrinkage….

  3. S Joyce

    i have had boost mobile blackberry unlimited at $60/month for several months now. when i went to “my account” to try to switch to blackberry unlimited with shrinkage, there was no way to do this ! the faq’s instructs existing customers to switch from our “my account” page. what to do?