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20 responses to “Boost Mobile Aligns CDMA Unlimited Service with iDEN Unlimited”

  1. Dominik

    Seems like thsi will cut into the Simply Everything customers.

    Are we able to use any CDMA phone that we want or will they have specific phones that you pick from?

    $50 bucks for everything on Sprints network is a steal!

  2. Don Louie

    I’m reading that they are activating new lines on the CDMA Boost plans

  3. Christopher Price

    That’s correct, Boost never stopped offering UNLTD CDMA plans. They simply stopped actively promoting them.

  4. Raymond L

    Although Boost has stop actively promoting CDMA plans, they’re yet to release, and have stopped sales of actual phones (e.g. Motorola W385, Krzr) So there is no way a current customer can “upgrade” or fix/repair they’re previous phone. They are directed to switch over to the new iDen, this is fine, but one small problem, they dont allow you to carry over your phone number! You must establish a new one. Its 2009, lets get it together.

  5. Christopher Price

    Raymond, you can now port between Sprint CDMA and Boost Mobile iDEN. That should fix the issue with UNLTD customers not being able to port in-between plans.

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  7. Narvis

    You must first start your account with a Boost CDMA phone. You can get an inexpensive one on ebay. I got one for $10. It’s not a flawless, a little beat up but it works. After you establish your account on your new Boost phone you can port your boost number to your Sprint CDMA phone. Call Customer service and tell them you want to move your service on a different phone. They will have you give them the ESN or IMEI located under the battery. The customer service agent will have you press ##3282# on your phone to begin setting up your phone. The first two reps I got had me press ##101740#. It did nothing and they said the phone must be bad. That was not the case. They were not giving me the right instructions. The third customer Rep I got knew what she was doing. ##101740# is used but later on in the setup. I hope this helps whoever wants to setup a Sprint CDMA phone on Boost. I did this for my son because he was killing my Verizon account. I am about to drop Verizon and go BOOST!

  8. patron

    Can I use flash my Verizon CDMA phone to Boost?

  9. Ingrit

    No, you cannot flash a Verizon phone to Boost.

  10. Ingrit

    I’m a Boost Dealer in Florida. The only phones you can use with Boost are Boost phones and some (not all) Sprint/Nextel phones such as the i580. Blackberry’s can no longer be used with Boost. Too many issues.

  11. deathtrip

    Ingrit, you’re an idiot. Go read some forums, might learn something.

  12. dolladave

    Ingrit is wrong. Of course they’ll say you can’t use sprint phones because its really against their policies. But it is true that you only can use certain phones. Any Sprint NON Andriod phones. Such as Samsung Rant, Rumor, Mogul, HTC Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2, and many others. They have to be sprint and the esn number must be clean (meaning the phone can’t be reported lost or stolen). No verizon, att, or alltel phones, no androids. Narvis told you guys one way to do it. But you have to find a rep that will do it without asking many question. Don’t let them know you have a sprint phone. Even though you have to go through the hassle of buying a boost cdma phone before hand, this way saves you money. I just a boost cdma put on an HTC Touch Pro 2. I just took to a phone store in the mall that does phone flashing. The only down side is I had to pay them for setting up my account. But I didn’t want the hassle with the reps like Narvis said. But now I have a phone that can do just about anything, for $50 a month with no contract. Which would be $100 a month on an actual Sprint plan. Its crazy it still reads sprint in the top corner of the phone so you wouldn’t even know I’m on boost. Everything works perfect except for the Sprint TV App(with sprint you have to pay extra for that anyway). But it has a YouTube App I’m good. Sprint 3G Network fast internet. Sprint Navigation even works. I logged into the Software Shop and Sprint Music, but I didn’t try to purchase anything. Somebody has a video on youtube with his HTC Touch Pro 2 on boost cdma. Go check it out. After I saw it I had to get me one. I just might make a video to show you myself. Thanks

  13. BoostMobile BlackBerry®

    I just bought the Boost Mobile™ BlackBerry® Curve 8330 and it  kicks ass!

  14. Dan

    So from what I have read, I cannot flash the verizon Droid to use with the boost mobile network is that correct??? Can I flash it to use on the Nextel or sprint networks???? I dont get good verizon coverage where I live and work but I sure like the droid phone and allot of it’s features. any help would be greatly appreciated

  15. adam

    omg anyone who says you cant flash a blackberry is retarded, look it up on youtube or google and you will c that almost any phone can be used on boost’s $50 unlimmited plan

  16. Vince Wylde

    As a former Boost dealer, don’t believe the propagandist dealer hype about having to buy a phone with a Boost Logo on it. Sprint phones WILL work on the current CDMA network setup, however the Call Center in Paraguay or wherever they are are told to lie to everyone and say it isn’t possible. The mission is to sell the over priced (as of April 2010) Blackberry Curve at $250.00 a shot. Second, they ARE promoting the new CDMA setup. Forget the whole “buy a CDMA” nonsense. If you have been with Boost forever, demand to talk to management, tell them you’ve seen video and read articles all over the web (they’re there) that say the Boost sales line of “it’ can’t be done” is incorrect by virtue of the fact that a Boost CDMA and Sprint Phone are only different in name, they are BOTH CDMA on SPRINT’S network, er go, actually a SPRINT phone on a different billing tier, you’ve been a customer for x amount of years, please just help me, you phone is overpriced. This will encourage them to lower the price to get people to just buy the new phone.

  17. Annette Anderson

    If I have ATT service and phone right now, can I use my current ATT sim card?

    I phoned Boost’s customer service, and they said I could, as long as I canceled my ATT service first.

    Does anyone know?

  18. Christopher Price

    Annette, you cannot use an AT&T SIM card in any Boost Mobile phone.

    You can have Boost Mobile port your AT&T phone number over to a Boost Mobile phone.

    To do that, call Boost Mobile customer service and tell them that you would like to “port in” an AT&T phone number. They will facilitate the transfer of your service over to Boost Mobile.

  19. jay

    Can i use a blackberry curve 9300 3g on boost mobile since they both run on cdma?