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5 responses to “Boost Mobile Announces Samsung Rant, More Features on $50 and BlackBerry Plans”

  1. Diana

    I heard it comes in blue does it?
    I want this phone so bad 😀

  2. JR

    I have the i465….I hate it b/c its to slow….but the rant looks much faster

  3. Jay

    I have read reviews about this phone and I REALLY want this phone in the WORSE way, but after reading the reviews I am nervious. Numerous reviews were that the rant freezes. Although, I think I might still get this phone, unless Boost comes out with something better SOON! lol

    Does anyone know if they have any other phones coming out SOON?

    If so, please email me at:


  4. shaniqua brewer

    i like the phone allll because its a cheap price here in baltimore they want 125-135 dollars for it

  5. klahrizzah

    i might buy this fone to my mom it look pretty coo 🙂 i like it bt i would be better if it was blue or other color dont youh think?