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3 responses to “Boost Mobile Increasing Pay Per Use Voice, Text and Data Rates on October 6th”

  1. Hank Kitchen

    I have been a loyal user of boost phones for years. I am on the unlimited plan and I was lead to believe that after 6 months, my monthly bill would drop $5. If this is not the case, would that not be breach of contract? Is this increase going to happen to the loyal cell phone users that are under contract? I feel that if the pay-as-you-go users have the increase, then the contract users should get it too

  2. FYI

    It is not a breach of CONTRACT because you never signed one. Boost is famous because of the non-contract option. They can change their prices however they like.

  3. Promags

    @kitchen – I think the article said that everyone with a current unlimited monthly would be grandfathered in. In other words, you’ll keep your plan as is. Also, notice that the writer kind of hints at these raised fees only applying to the new Androids boost is putting. It’s unclear as to whether or not this is with all phones and all plans.