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4 responses to “Boost Mobile Launches Samsung Galaxy Prevail for $179.99”

  1. Steve G

    I need more information on this phone and release date I have been getting the run around from Boost, Samsung, RadioShack,Sprint,Target, Walmart all tell me they don’t have the phone and it will take up to 3 months for the phone to get to the stores in my area I called today and boost is telling me the phone is sold out that they recieved a memo this afternoon ??????? this is all BU__SH__ they even called the local target store and said they have the phone in stock I went and it was the samsung seek this sucks ready to kiss boost goodbye

  2. Sandra

    If not having the phone available is boost mobile marketing plan. They are very wrong I would like to change my mobile provider and I like their plans, but I won’t do it if I don’t get that phone. So who is loosing here? I won’t buy the phone overpriced either. I don’t like to fall into these games. It is just ludicrous.

  3. alex

    i have the phone mtv, ny hot!!

  4. michael rosado

    i wrote a comment about motorola i1 last week about the update and how much i loved my phone,,,well since then my phone has froze on the charge screen, now it cost me $27.22 to have them flash the phone,,whatever that means…but i love my phone and i cant wait to pick it up,,,ill keep you guys posted…