Boost Mobile Lists BlackBerry Curve and 3810 Mirro

Sanyo MirroBoost BackBerry 8330

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Following up on a previous report detailing Boost Mobile’s CDMA revival, the sales portal has begun listing the BlackBerry Curve 8330 and Sanyo 3810 ahead of their respective online availability later this month after launching in Best Buy stores this week.

The forthcoming launch of the BlackBerry Curve will also herald the launch of the Unlimited BlackBerry Plan for $60 per month, which includes unlimited domestic voice/data/messaging service.

Boost has also reconfigured the International Connect $10 add-on to include the following on CDMA devices:

  • Unlimited calling to Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey (landlines only)
  • Unlimited calling to Canada (Excluding the Northern Territories (area code/city code 867)
  • Unlimited international text messages worldwide from the U.S.
  • Unlimited international text messages from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands on CDMA Series phones

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17 responses to “Boost Mobile Lists BlackBerry Curve and 3810 Mirro”

  1. Duker

    I had read the are also adding the Samsung Rant. this seems like a better choice for CDMA than the Blackberry for a typical boost customer.

  2. Irina

    I’m not sure how you define a typical Boost customer. Some of us are people who just want to save money and realize that having a plan is a waste of money. I’m looking forward to the Blackberry Curve being supported by Boost. I know a lot of people who have been waiting for Boost to carry a Blackberry.

  3. Christopher Price

    The Samsung Rant is going to be offered, but won’t roll out until next month.

  4. slimgoodie

    I’m a boost and verizon customer and to be honest I like to be able to choose a variety of phones. I think Boost offering better quality phones and making it easier for services is a great idea… Any smartphone in my eyes is a smart choice and keep up the good work for boost and verizon… the competion is out there!

  5. JB

    This is great news. There is no difference between this and Sprint’s UN Plan. O wait yes there is, about $50 once you factor in taxes. EVDO Blackberry, unlimited everything even GPS for $60 a month. Yes please, I will take one the minute it comes out. By the way I am not a typical boost customer, I work for a Fortune 100 Company, money is money and I will take the $500 a year savings to use an old curve.

  6. brenna

    I just got off the phone with the boost mobile customer service. they are stating that you must purchase their boost mobile blackberry curve to use all the services. Have any of you heard anything different. I have an 8330 through Sprint. I would love to be able to use it threw Boost. So far, they are saying it can’t be done.

  7. alaskanbo

    Yes you have to purchase their blackberry. You can’t activate a sprint 8330. Yes it is a nice $40 savings per month over sprint but the 1 huge drawback is no roaming. You are locked in to the sprint native network. No roaming on alltell or verizon. But as long as you live in major cities you should be ok.

  8. Don Louie

    Boost site is listing the plan as $70/mo.

  9. Christopher Price

    Don Louie, Boost has said that was in-error. The BlackBerry plan is $60/month, as noted on their new BlackBerry Product Page.

  10. Ed

    Boost plan for BB will be $60, which still a very good deal for a UNLIMITED, non contract plan without hidden fees. I use the PTT to contact people in different countries and it works great, and for some parts is free. I cannot wait to have the BB 8330. I know at least 20 other friends that will fired their current providers to move to Boost M, after they confirmed that this is working fine. In addition, Boost’s website have a CDMA coverage map which means that they are really working and improving their services with a cheap price, that makes me feel more comfortable.

  11. bobjohndave

    I’m super excited about the Curve 8330 on Boost! My biggest question is where can I by it? It’s listed as Coming Soon on the overview page for the phone. But when you’re viewing the page after clicking on shop(the one that has all the phones lined up) it’s listed as “In Stores Only”. What stores? I checked with my local boost dealers and they said “We haven’t been able to get it yet.” Ugh! Then there’s an eBay seller who is selling them, but that’s lead you to wonder, “Where did he acquire them?”

  12. John B

    @bobjohndave I just ordered one off the website, it looks to be the only place online where you can actually get it. I saw the eBay dealers selling them as well and didn’t feel comfortable going that route.

    @alaskanbo I called Boost last night and talked to two reps and one supervisor and they all said the BB would have the same roaming agreements as Sprint. After one of them said we wave the “traveling fees” it made me worry if they truly knew what roaming was but I clearly said “roaming on another carriers network” and they said “yes, it will”. Do I 100% believe that?? No, but after reading and reading the Boost Terms and Conditions that state: “Roaming typically refers to coverage on another carrier’s network that we make available to you based on our agreements with other carriers. These agreements may change from time to time and roaming coverage is subject to change. Your ability to receive roaming coverage depends on the radio transmissions your Device can pick up. You can pick up roaming coverage both within and outside our network coverage areas. Your Device will generally indicate when you’re roaming. Depending on your Services, separate charges or limits on the amount of minutes used while roaming may apply. Certain Services may not be available or work the same when roaming (including data Services, voicemail, call waiting, etc.).”

    Then the news release here states “Boost Mobile ‘Monthly Unlimited’ offers flat-rate, nationwide service on the Sprint and Nextel Nationwide Networks reaching over 274 million people with no activation, roaming, traveling or long distance fees.”

    So the T&C state roaming is the term for going on another carriers network and the new release states no “roaming” fees. Does this mean free roaming or just that you won’t be charged fees because you’ll have no service?

    I’m hoping for the former rather than the latter. I’ve searched all over and no one can say for sure if the CDMA phones will roam or not, I guess I’ll find out in a week or so.

  13. John

    The blackberry is already being sold in stores. You can also order it online at radio

    I ordered mine 2 days ago.

  14. Michael D. Moore

    I emailed Boost Mobile last week, and they told me that BM phones only run on the Sprint Network (CDMA) and Nextel Network (IDEN) That they block roaming on their phones. The reason I emailed them was because I was told by a Rep in RadioShack that the do not roam. And also, on their map, they don’t show roaming like the map does.

  15. Samantha

    I am recently selling a blackberry from boost mobile it is only 2 weeks old there is nothing wrong with it i am just more interested in the incognito, on the boost site it is 250 i am selling mine for 200 and it still has all the manuals, house charger, head set, pouch, usb cord, plus phone clip and car charger, i had also purches a hard cover to protect the phone and that is also included if any of you are interested you can contact me by email at or text or call 12695994169 just so ur informed i am located in michigan

  16. veronica sanchez

    hello im looking for a blackberry phone from boost mobile if someone is selling thier phone u guys could call me at removed as soon as possible.

  17. BoostMobile8330

    I have the Blackberry from Boost, I bought it on 03.02.2010. This is an awsome phone, fast web, text / email. Bought it from Radio Shack. I was in & out in a 1/2 hour with a working BB. No problem porting over my old boost #. Radio Shack took care of it all.
    I had a Boost i855e for 3 years on the iDEN network & now I am on the CDMA network. I will never go back to the iDEN network again Boosts CDMA phones are great.

    Sent from my BlackBerry® by Boost Mobile