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18 responses to “Boost Mobile Now Listing Motorola i9”

  1. michael brownf

    i’ve been waiting months for a new phone on the sprint website. everything on there is obsolete.

  2. aladdinvegas

    now you have alot to choose, several options in the market and more are coming

  3. Mustang46L

    If you are waiting for an iDen phone that isn’t outdated, good luck. When the techlology behind the phones is ancient, you can only do so much and ever since Nextel killed WiDen there hasn’t been much hope. This looks like a nice phone, too bad it still can’t really do anything about not having high speed internet…

  4. JJ

    What are you talking about? This phone is evdo.

  5. x

    No, it’s iden. But the inside is smaller than expected. mhm.

  6. jason

    So Does this $300.00 Boost/Nextel Phone have An Alarm on it unlike all the other Boost/Nextel Phones”? ( Other then Blackberries that do not allow text and Web )

  7. david

    i bought that phone and its allright but the battery didnt even last long so i returned it is not worth that money

  8. marcus

    when to this phone come out because im waiting

  9. victor

    i cant not use the navigator in this phone boostmobile dosent have it … sucks

  10. victor

    boostmobile dosent have the naviagator for this phone get

  11. Rowchell

    boost mobile is a garbage compeny. there phone are no good they are all ways freezeing up, you get your text messages late and sometimes not at all. my sister and some of my other friends would send me a text in the afternoon and it would be 3 and 4 o clock in the morning when i would get it. and with the boost unlimited plain some of the web sites you go to they charge you for going to them so its not really unlimited when you have to pay for some of the web sites. and if you use you phone to get up in the morning your screwed with them cause i have not seen one that has an alarm. the only thing i liked about haveing a boost phone was the walkie talkie. i could not wait to go back to metro. boost yall need to do better yall want to much money for phones that dont do anything shame on you 🙁

  12. nonya

    this phone is garbage i took back in a week

  13. tamek

    this phone is a rip off. nice phones are cheap

  14. tosha

    i bougght this fon it sucks you cant get loopt or the boost navagater on it like the other phones that r cheaper why would u pay 300 for that fon and not get all the fetures as the 50.60.99,129,189, all get this feture im going to metro or virgin but not boost therefon suck for that price…

  15. tosha

    boost mobile sucks……..

  16. tosha riv

    o yea i had my fon for 32 days and cannot get a refund…

  17. Ian

    At the beginning of 09′ when boost implemented there 50 dollar talk, text, web, walkie-talkie plan they didnt’t exspect the huge jump of customers they received therefore there network wasn’t able to handle the huge volume of customers. As of april of 09′ boost updated there network and said “our network is back to normal now”. But i’m still seeing people complaining about slow text or slow web browsing so it looks like to me that people aren’t checking there coverage area before buying there phones. There is some good news for people that prefer the sprint network over nextel iDen network as of last week jan 13th 2010 boost released 3 new phones for cdma network. Meaning these 3 new phones will run of sprint towers but won’t come with ptt (push to talk). Sayno Mirro, Sayno Incognito and the ever popular blackberry 8830 curve. The two sayno phones will still be able to use the 50 dollar unlimited plan while the blackberry will be 60 dollars a month, unlimited talk, text, web, email. Thats half the cost of blackberry plans compared to verizon or att. check out for more details. And no i dont work for boost lol, i’m just a firm believer in prepaid phones over contract phones.

  18. stephanie

    this phone is not that good but its okay