8 responses to “Boost Mobile Offers New $1/Day Chat Plan”

  1. Don Louie

    They announced this a while back, didn’t include weekends or m2m though. Is walkie-talkie incorporated too or there’s another $1 for that too?

  2. Christopher

    Walkie-talkie is $1 extra, I believe. But ya, this news is pretty old….

  3. Fahad Khan

    Walkie-Talkie is $1 per day. This is a new plan. It’s on their press release. I think it’s in response to T-Mobile’s Pay Per Day plan that was announced recently.

  4. Fahad Khan

    T-mobile’s 7pm N&W still beats Boost’s 9pm !

  5. o_O

    It’s not old news — the original didnt include unlimited text or unlimited nights and weekends… it was just a .10 cent/unlimited m2m offering… This is much more attractive.

  6. Don Louie

    Actually when it was released it only had 9pm nights, all the other minutes are $.10

  7. Christopher

    I stand corrected.

  8. VacationTrader

    Don’t get your wallet out yet…. Wait til 1/15/2009 when Boost will offer a PAYGO plan for $50 month which is unlimited talk, text, and web nationwide with no roaming.