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3 responses to “Boost Mobile to Officially Launch and Support Sprint BYOD Soon”

  1. Bryan

    does this mean will we finally get IPhone on boost mobile and if it does with the 3G/4G plan????? sent me the answer via my email. Thank you

  2. Tom S

    Considering iPhone is blocked on the other MVNOs that are now allowing Sprint devices… I doubt it. If you want a prepaid iPhone on Sprint, go with Virgin Mobile.

  3. Ike Devners

    It’s launched as of November 14. Only 13 older 3G devices. 3 androids , an instinct and the rest feature phones.
    Samsung Moment(Android)
    Samsung Rant
    Samsung Seek
    Samsung SPH-M320
    Samsung Exclaim
    Samsung Instinct s30* works on feature phone plans.
    Samsung Intercept *Android
    Samsung Reclaim
    Sanyo Incognito
    Sanyo Taho
    HTC Hero(Android, Sprint’s first. )
    LG Lotus Elite
    LG LX370