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61 responses to “Boost Mobile Updates Sanyo Incognito, Adds Full Screen YouTube”

  1. moez

    just to let yall all know i download miniopera the latest one and it works like a charm and to download pic from the web just click and hold the ok button till u see save pic. Also u can copy and paste like that and if you go to u can download apps and ringtones for free but not all the apps work i only have like 3 apps on my phone. If anybody else knows any other hacks for this phone please share thanks

  2. Ace

    I just use the mini sd for my music, videos, movies. Just put the mini sd in the sd, plug it into my netbook sd slot, copy the files to the mini sd then put it back in my Incognito. Works like a charm. Watching True Blood right now.

  3. staci

    hi this comment is for any one who has problems with the media player playing youtube videos… My phone had no problem playing youtube videos until this week. It would not play any videos anymore and there was the error message 408. Well i thought that was BS that it all of a sudden stopped playing youtube videos. So i called boost mobile customer support who transfered me to tech support and they attempted to troubleshoot my phone. Well i had to call back like five times because nothing seemed to fix it. I was just going to call boost back but the videos started playing yesterday so boost must have fixed it. And since i complained i received $10 towards my account. Just call boost if you have any problems.

  4. barbie_doll

    i have had the boost mobile incognito for about 7 months. and at first it didnt play YouTube videos for a while until i downloaded the new software and PRL updates.. now all of a sudden when i click on a youtube video, it gives me an error message. saying video playback error. but only on my Opera Mini. im not sure what version i have but should i update that? would it help my youtube issue?

  5. AIDAN

    Opera mini 5.0 latest version is great for Incognito. Is not running while viewing youtube. Not a fix. My youtube started back the same day and just as mysteriously as it stopped. Have heard that complaining to Boost does some good, even result in a small credit. I have not found either to be true. Good luck.

  6. jesse

    OK, to help people out with getting certain apps to work, here’s a brief tutorial. So I wanted to get mtorrent to run on this phone. I went to getjar, and i get lame failures. So what you have to do is get the .jar file of the program you want. just find it online and save it to your pc. then go to and send it to your phone and mtorrent now works. it’s worked for many apps and games that wouldn’t work before. you’re welcome

  7. nate

    Phone works great. Using a 2g card and still running great. Download opera mini 5 or 6 doesnt matter. Load pics on fb by clicking add photos-fmgr-shared-my albums then click your pic file. simple. mp3s go to save them and pics from anywhere into other-shared-fmgr-my albums presto!!

  8. roberto

    I tried to update my incognito and it said that there were no updates available, can someone help me please?

  9. roberto

    I tried to update my incognito to get the YouTube app and it said that there were no updates available. can someone help me please?

  10. Judy

    i downloaded firmwear and cannot connect to facebook or recent pages or the web. can i reverse the download

  11. lelia

    for a smart phone i think the sanyo incognito is pretty stupid. Why? Well, I can’t seem to download hardly any any app.s on it, a lot of mobile web pages are not supported, people with other bluetooth can come in an “rape” my phone of all its files, pictures and ring tones that i can download from on line can’t be sent to any of my buddys. i thought smart phone was supposed to be easy and convenient, i am vary disappointed.