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61 responses to “Boost Mobile Updates Sanyo Incognito, Adds Full Screen YouTube”

  1. Don Louie

    I’m lost, what is being taken away, in layman’s terms?

  2. Cindy Lee

    Yes, I would like to know in layman terms also. I like the phone. Having trouble loading photos to Facebook. Would love to do that direct.

  3. Andrew

    When you go to you get a message stating that your phone is not supported and is unable to download files…However if you go to you are able to browse and download apps as usual.

  4. Rick

    i have had my incognito for about 2 months and it awesome; the update is somewhat of a problem for me, though. everytime that i use the youtube website more than once, it freezes and kicks me out of the network. on march 20, i used the website only twice and the network crashed. and it has yet to recover; it’s now 4 am, march 21. i hope that boost fixes this, because this phone is really cool.

  5. Cindy Lee

    I still love the phone. Not sure if the Blackberry would do anymore than this little phone for my needs. I go to Facebook and MySpace and get my email from AOL. Go online to get the weather. I don’t do the videos so don’t know about that. I also had to pay a little extra for it because it came from BestBuy and they where the only ones who had it. But really wanted it, so didn’t mind.

  6. junior

    for some reason ive never been able to use getjar on this phone… no app that ive tried has been supported. even before the update. any suggestions?

  7. will

    I have had my Incognito for boost for about two weeks. i downloaded the firmware update as soon as I got it and it played youtube videos fine for a week and a half. Now any video I try to watch only shows about 20 seconds and stops playing and gives me an error message = error m32 general playback error every time. Does anyone know what went wrong and how I can fix this. Thanks

  8. ron

    i did the firmware five hours ago without a problem,also installed opera mini but still unable to watch flash videos like,twit or the tech guy

  9. rob

    I want to know why they did this firmware update for the incognito and not the mirro??? The phones are basically identical other then the physical aspect. I would love to stream off youtube and other sites related. The mirro other than not havin qwerty is great if not better than the incognito especially with opera.

  10. Mildred

    Everytime that I try plug it into my computer to download music, it ask me for a software. It didn’t come with a software and I don’t know what to do. Please help.

  11. Can i pee in your booty?

    This phone is the fucking shit better than the iphone! If you buy a new one it already has the updated software..

  12. xxbubblezxx

    i know.. the phone is hot aand all that but it aint letinq me upload pictues on facebook………… y..!!!!!!!!!????????????

  13. xxbubblezxx

    yeh it hot but i think there should be more downloadable applications

  14. xxpl0siv3

    this phone is chill. its kinda 2 flashy for my taste but i already bought it at target for 130. i downloaded opera 4.2. im not sure if i should dl opera 5

  15. sanyohelp

    I have a Sanyo Incognito and can’t download any apps from,when I download them I receive a error 909 message.Can I download these apps some how? Is there a fix to this? I have tried with different browsers and no luck…

  16. Montricia

    Does anyone know why you cant download pics from the phone to facebook? Please help!

  17. tom

    yeag i just put music on a 2gb card. placed it in my phone and it says no music files available. its like buying a mustang thats a 4cyl !!!

  18. Jr

    Honestly I had the phone for 2 months and it was simple to use and the Internet was decent but I decided to go back to my iPhone because I liked the “extras”… I couldn’t do things that should be a no brainer. Not because I couldn’t figure it out… But simple because the phone lacked the capabilities to do things it claimed to do. To me it’s well worth the $30 more I spend a month for the iPhone. If u want a phone that’ll make calls and can check your email go for the incognito. If u want more, well the iPhone is 4 sure the best choice.

  19. Larry

    Can someone tell me how to download music to my Incognito cellphone.

  20. TJ


  21. cmahar

    Does anyone know what this latest firmware update does? I already got the firmware upgrade to watch youtube videos, and it works ok as long as I have high speed. When out in the sticks with only basic data it’s slow and jerky. now there’s a new firmware upgrade? What does it do?

    And has anyone figure out how to tether this phone? Or get the GPS feature to work without paying extra every month?

  22. cmahar

    To download music: hook up usb cable to phone and laptop, go to tools, connect to pc, access files in phone memory the way you access a thumb drive and download the music or books on tape or whatever. That’s how I’ve done it and I’ve got tons of music on mine. Have direct downloaded a few mp3 files, but mostly have used a usb cable.

  23. justin

    The version of JAVA on this phone is seriously crippled. It can’t display video or do most of what other phones support. I’m really irritated with Sanyo’s half ass attempt at a smart phone but boost mobile’s version of the Droid is a ISDN phone.. super slow.

  24. oscar

    alot of the playback issues on the sanyo incognito phones on youtube can be solved by getting a 8 gb or higher micro card i rarley have this issue on mine and try to keep downloads and apps to a minimum ive watched 20 min videos all cause of the memory card well i hope this helped.

  25. Howard

    I just wanna know how I can upload videos straight from my phone to youtube can anyone help me please?

  26. joshua alicea

    hey i have the incognito for boost and ive already downloaded the firmware that lets you play you tube videos but last night i checked for more firmware updates and it supposively downloaded another one but ever since last night 7/29/10 none of my internet apps have been working so i really dont know what to do any comment??

  27. Marianne

    I just bought a Sanyo Incognito that uses Boost. Is there a way to listen to audible books? I downloaded the books but I dont get a “listen” button.

  28. ed

    when you download stuff where does it go?

  29. oscar

    hey ed well the apps either go into the phones internal memory or your micro card the problem is that with any smartphone or android phone it is a must that you get a 8 gb or higher memory card or it is just a pretty paper weight so that when you view streaming videos it has somewhere to download the info into the more storage is taken up the more difficult it will be to playback cause it has limited space to store it in well i hope this helped ed.

  30. Gman


    downloaded apps go to “My Stuff” then check “Applications” all located under the “Home” Tab

  31. Tasha

    Just bought mine yesterday made my first vid…how do i load it to youtube?

    Thanks all for the great info here.

  32. Mark

    I just got the new firmware “upgrade” from Boost Mobile on my Sanyo Incognito. Before the “upgrade” I could play YouTube videos just fine. After the “upgrade” when I try to play any YouTube video, it gives a “Error M32: General playback error.”

    Nice job Sanyo, nice job Boost Mobile. Doesn’t anyone test firmware “upgrades” for basic functions like video playback, before pushing it out there to ruin people’s phones? Sheesh.

  33. Mark

    UPDATE – After turning off my Incognito, then turning it back on, YouTube videos now play successfully as they did before. So if you have this quirk after taking the “upgrade”, you know how to fix it.

    Unfortunately, the upgrade did not fix the display size -> full screen playback issue. You still get the actual size video played in the upper left corner, just as before.

  34. syav

    What is Sprint uploading tools, and where can I find and download this tools?
    Also, does anyone know if I can still download photos and video clips form websites after I update my phone?
    Currently I can’t play youtube. But if after the update my internet download becomes restricted (ie Virginmobile’s limited download), I’d much rather skip youtube as long as I have the freedom to download applications and video clips form other websites.
    Thanks in advance.

  35. jenn

    with the incognito you HAVE to have a memory card to upload photos to any site. once you get a memory card you shouldnt have a problem. i have had absolutely NO problems with youtube. it lets me play videos with no problem. the load time is even fast. i did install opera mini. i like it but would rather use the netfront version on the phone already. i have noticed with hotmail messenger it cuts the phone off. but i just dont use it. i have had problems with the phone freezing any time more than one text comes in. also if someone calls the same time a text comes in. anyone know how to fix this problem?

  36. julie

    i just bouht a usb cable for my incognito.when i hook it up to my phone and laptop it charges but thats it. i go to tools and memory storage and it says ther is no usb cable plugged in. what does that mean if my phone is charging but not doing anything else?

  37. ashley

    i have a boostmoblie sanyo incognito. And since i cant figure out why i cant download pics to facebook i was wondering is there a any way i can get my myspace photos to transfer or copy onto my facebook? Im tired sooo many times. And ask sooo many ppl but i just keep getting a run around. Please help

  38. jane

    i’ve had the incognito since it came out and i was able to go on the internet just fine until the firmware update last month(september). since then everytime i try to go on the internet it gives me an error notice then freezes and i have to take the battery out and turn it back on. i’ve tried checking for updates myself and turning the phone on and off and searching for answers online but i can’t find anything. i noticed one of u had this problem but it fixed itself when u turned off then back on. but that didn’t work for me.
    have any of the rest of u guys had this problem??

  39. josue

    i tried playing videos this morning but it said general problem error m32. what does it mean?

  40. eric

    i think sprint/boost is blocking getjar on purpose because now the new link ( blah blah) doesnt work anymore. Any help? Also i’m looking for online mobile streaming websites and another place to download apps. Thanks.

  41. AIDAN

    FIRMWARE UPDATE KILLED YOUTUBE. . . .many, many sites with bitch-fest – what the, that so many POed by this – still no fix. Even sites that claim to fix are worthless. For users considering OPERA 5 upgrade: the best thing enhancement for any cellphone. ;~)

  42. Todd

    Any fix for the error m32 for youtube?

  43. paul

    this new firmware update sucks my phone doesnt play any videos youtube…it tells me error m32 general playback error whats the deal with that?

  44. eric

    they should launch a update that actually works, after the recent firmware update im having problems with also i cant access sites i used to go to.

  45. Maurice

    Like a lot of others, I like my Sanyo Incognito but for some reason I am not able to watch youtube videos or any other videos for that matter. does anyone know of a software upgrade that I need to perform or a flash file that I have to have to download and watch videos??????

  46. Kiki

    for those that keep getting the M32 General Playback Error when watchin videos u need to call Boost and tell them u catch watch videos and for that i had talk to technical support bcuz they had to reprogram my phone completely. I dnt know whats up with that but i do get to see youtube videos and some others. Hope this helps..

  47. damien

    do anybody kno what web site download games straight to the phone. Cuz i was refered to umnet and it keep sayn the page i requested can not display. Anybody kno wats up wit dat? And when i download new software wat file to put it in on my memory card

  48. cryatal.S

    i cant down n.e get jar apps or other socall apps thats specific for da incognito i did bfore but now it says its n SSL mode calling boost dosent resolve my issue at all…….so i wen back to my mirror nd now its sayin da samething boost is wack i much rather pay more monthly nd get all of da service im supposed to

  49. moez

    just to let yall all know i download miniopera the latest one and it works like a charm and to download pic from the web just click and hold the ok button till u see save pic. Also u can copy and paste like that and if you go to u can download apps and ringtones for free but not all the apps work i only have like 3 apps on my phone.