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7 responses to “Boost to Expand Retail Footprint, CEO Cautious About Competition”

  1. Don Louie

    I love the new Boost plans, as long as you know you get all the DC you want with bad call/data quality and overdue text

  2. JJ

    @ donlouie,
    Why do you have to put a bad spin on this? Boost is doing a great thing here and they are making other companies compete with them. I know their coverage isnt as great as verizon or att but it is still good and if your buying boost just for their data then you just need to do a little more research. Boost admits their data isn’t the fastest. Their not advertising their data. They advertise their unlimited minutes and push to talk which is the fastest still. Also you might want to do some research, the text problem is being fixed or is already fixed. This thing boost is doing is good for business and makes prices lower for all of us. So go complain to someone who cares!

  3. Christopher Price

    I think “bad” quality is the wrong way to portray Boost/iDEN.

    The proper comparison, is that Boost is using a 2G network, and Sprint CDMA is a 3G network. While coverage is always a local affair, Nextel certainly doesn’t fair poorly in cross-carrier comparisons.

    Boost Unlimited is one of the smartest things I’ve seen Sprint do in years. They get to be attractive to cost-cutting consumers, without denting the tech-savvy (and high-revenue) customers that crave 3G. They get to play both sides of the unlimited price war, with cheap unlimited calling (and 2G data) on the Boost side, and 3G all-access with Simply Everything on the Sprint side.

    And, both plans outpace any other carrier offering for the combined services.

  4. Don Louie

    I wasn’t complaining, just saying my opinion. No sarcasm, in my initial statement, intended because Sprint/Boost has the best prices and packages available

  5. Ike Denvers

    Just look at the new locations: New York, Philadelphia , Chicago ,Atlanta.
    The Big Apple, Phlly, Chi-town and the ATL. ( Idk, for some reason, writing about Boost is pushing up my slang ability…) Boost is intending to go HEAD to HEAD with Metro PCS and Cricket/Leap. It’s gonna be a battle.
    Boost has one BIG edge here. ALL their phones work in ALL their markets , including the ones they’re going to be opening new stores at whereas Metro PCS and Cricket, all of their older dualband phones from their legacy markets are useless in the new 1700mhz AWS markets where the big money is (NYC, Chicago, LA, Vegas, etc). Metroflash won’t work on the old phones ou there from Sprint/Verizon. This will annoy some Metro/Cricket people and affect their strong point which has been the ability to flash other networks cmda phones to their networks (and take the other network’s business along with it).

    Right now a few of the newer 1700mhz only Metro markets are trying to compensate for the lack of trimode handsets to flash out there by offering
    to flash over Cricket handsets to Metro service. I wonder how Cricket is taking that.?

    I love it when the customer wins.

  6. Ryan

    I love it when the customer wins too. I was trying to decide between Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless and Metro PCS. I finally chose Cricket today, partly because I believe they’re the fastest growing low cost unlimited service. I hope I made the right choice!

  7. steaz

    MetroPCS is by far the fastest growing and innovative low cost unlimited service. Cricket (Leap Wireless), after coming out of bankruptcy in 2004 has been growing quickly, but has yet to become profitable.