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6 responses to “Breaking: HP to Discontinue webOS Mobile Hardware Development”

  1. Christopher Price

    As I said on Twitter (@chrisprice btw)… Worst. Acquisition. Ever.

  2. Josh

    RIP 🙁

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  4. Chuck

    Palm was such a great brand. I had the original Palm Pilot, a bunch of Treo’s, the Pre, and now its gone. Sad. WebOS is a great OS, it just never had enough support from the developers and then HP just botched things even further and now its dead.

    Almost as bad as Sprint buying Nextel in 2005.

  5. Dave

    It’s sad to see choice disappear, but this was inevitable. Still, I’m mildly surprised that WebOS fell before RIM did.

    If this forces the HP tablet down to $99, I’ll buy one.

  6. Christopher Price

    Sprint buying Nextel I wouldn’t describe as a failure… completely.

    Nextel was in a downward spiral. The costs to convert their network to CDMA or GSM made no sense. They were in a dismal bind, too late to jump to 3G, and too early to roll out 4G.

    Imagine Nextel, today, being stuck trying to sell WiDEN-enabled Android devices, with data speeds as slow as MetroPCS. It wasn’t sustainable.

    Sprint got spectrum and choices, that will help immensely with Network Vision, and rolling out their own LTE network in concert with LightSquared and Clearwire.

    The big problem was Sprint paid a premium for Nextel. HP got Palm at a bargain and still managed to squander it.