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11 responses to “What the BYOSD? Sprint Blocks MVNOs from Using Nexus Devices They Don’t Even Subsidize”

  1. Greg Patrick

    What about the mvno providers that sell the same phones? What are they going to do? Just curious

  2. Christopher Price

    If an MVNO sells the device directly, they will be able to continue doing so. MVNO direct-sale devices are on a separate IMEI/MEID list and are pre-approved for use by the MVNO.

    In other words, MVNO direct-sale devices aren’t BYOSD devices to begin with. For example, the Motorola X sold by Republic Wireless is not a BYOSD device.

  3. Barbara

    So I bought the Nexus 5 directly from Google for $350 and now I can’t bring it onto any network that deals with Sprint? Shameful. Or is this just a purchased Nexus 5 from Sprint? I’m a little confused.

  4. Joseph

    So If I buy a Nexus 5 from google play can I activate it with Ting?

    1. Chris
  5. Dale

    So why can a Nexus 5 be activated on the MVNO Ting, but not other Sprint MVNOs?

  6. Marcus Williams

    It looks like Sprint changed there mind on Nexus 5 and gave it to all Sprint MVNOs.!

    1. Dale

      If that’s true then this article needs an update.

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