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8 responses to “Cancelled HTC Windows Phone Mango Smartphone for Sprint Listed for Sale on Ebay”

  1. Sundog

    Correction: The HTC Arrive is able to get the Mango update. I’ve done this to two phones we have for work email. Support is terrible of course. Most minimum wage Sprint store employees had no idea it was for sale in the first place.

  2. McAulay

    ALL WINDOWS PHONES GET ALL UPDATES!!! Case closed… Now you are informed and should not get this wrong again…

  3. F1

    @ McAulay

    Number of UPDATES or ANY SUPPORT since it’s 2009 INTRODUCTION to this DATE:

    “Z E R O”

    Another reason why NO ONE on SPRINT, would even CONSIDER “WINDOWS” EVER AGAIN! You said best:

    “Case closed… Now you are informed and should not get this wrong again…”

    Thank You

  4. Chris

    Wow this is a pointless article. Windows Phone 7 is what’s being discussed. And this article is clearly opinion and short-sighted. I work in the industry and had to say something. AT&T and T-Mobile have big plans with Windows Phone for 2012 & 2013. I’ve even spoken with Nokia marketing directors and they tease with all the incredible devices coming to market this year. After CES 2012, marketing analytical firms project Windows Phone to overtake iOS as the #2 by 2015. Microsoft has committed to a massive push for Windows Phone this year. You’ll see a lot of it as the year progresses. And with Windows Phone 8 putting the finishing touches on device integration with Xbox and PCs running Windows 8, it will be the most fully functioning family of products on the market, presenting a true competitor to the iPad and Android tablet market with functionable consumer & business tablets and mobile OS devices. The Nokia line that’s up and coming is incredible and will drive a LOT of sales. I’ve spoken to so many consumers who are holding off buying Windows Phone devices just because they know the Lumia 900 is near a release point. Plus the Titan 2 is dropping soon. And though they aren’t saying it, Verizon has plans to join the building Windows Phone momentum at the end of the year with the launch of Apollo (Win Phone 8). Sprint will likely do the same.

    There just hasn’t been much marketing behind Windows Phone yet. The market share it does have is largely due to word-of-mouth promotion and people seeing it in every day life and asking “what phone/OS is that?” It’s highly rated by critics and hailed as a truly unique and fresh OS experience by nearly every major review source and even independent reviewers/bloggers. Jeers to the people who are so off on saying “no one on Sprint (or any other carrier for that matter) will even consider Windows ever again”. Clearly that’s not the case since people still buy the HTC Arrive on Sprint that just want any device that runs the OS. Do some homework people!

  5. josh

    This article is really just plain wrong, the Mazaa was a promotional device given away to encourage developers to get on board with WP7. It was never intended for mass production for sprint or anyone else.

  6. Albert

    The HTC Mazaa was known about since April 2011.