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5 responses to “Casio Lists Verizon G’zOne Brigade on Dedicated Portal, Limited Store Availability (Updated)”

  1. Craig

    Its not so much limited availability, it seems more like they changed their mind on the release the last minute this morning. Both the Casio phone websites had information about it up, and now its off of them. The people that bought them, got in before the clamp down.

    What an extremely annoying thing to do…Thanks Verizon…you certainly are the tops. Now, where is that middle finger emoticon? 😉

  2. Jjizus

    I am in support of Craig’s post stating that Verizon “changed their mind”. I think something leaked or was let out too early for their distribution to keep up so they shut it down to stop the flames from hitting their corporate office.

  3. VerizonSucksAss

    They really blew on this whole ordeal, wasn’t it supposed to be realeased last year if im not mistaken?

  4. MR E.

    Pathetic, as usual verizon… so I guess no Brigade now, after the whole data plan being mandatory (see face book) and now you can’t even release a phone… What did ya screw up this time?
    Oh yea the press release doh!

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