CES: On-site Interviews for Writing at PhoneNews.com

Going to CES? Odds are you already know about gadgets and wireless enough to write for PhoneNews.com.

If you’re going to be at the show anyways, why not schedule some time to sit down with us, have a bite to eat, and talk about writing for PhoneNews.com.

No, this isn’t a formal call, no you should not wear a suit and tie. Yes, it will probably be in the food court, and yes, we will buy you an (overpriced) lunch.

To get started, check out our writing for PhoneNews.com page and contact us… even if you’re not going to be at the show.

Christopher Price is the Founding Editor of PhoneNews.com. Today, he leads the team building Console, Inc. - a new kind of Android™ device. He still likes to pontificate... a lot. You can visit his personal blog at ChristopherPrice.net.

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