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7 responses to “CES: Samsung Verizon Network Extender EV-DO Prototype Shown”

  1. DP

    Jeez wasn’t Sprint supposed to have something like this, made by Airvana, on the market before the end of 2009? How can one company drop the ball so much?

  2. DS

    Sprint has had the AIRAVE device out for nearly two years.

    “With Sprint AIRAVEâ„¢, a winner of the 2008 PC World 25 Most Innovative Products Award, you’ll enjoy enhanced wireless service in your home or office — even if there is no coverage. It’s like having your own miniature cell tower that covers up to 5,000 square feet.”

    @ DP: Do the research before you make a statment about dropping the ball!

  3. JJ

    I think dp means that sprint was suppose to have the evdo version of the airave. The current airave only works with 1xx. This version for verizon will increase the evdo signal not just 1xx and sprint was suppose to have theirs out first before the verizon version.

  4. Christopher Price

    I think part of the problem is sales rates. Obviously, Sprint and Verizon are going to get EV-DO femtocells in a similar timeframe… especially since Network Extender and Airave are the same exact hardware underneath.

    Why Verizon is getting more attention is that they are selling more Network Extenders. And, the reason that they are selling more than Sprint is simple; Sprint charges a monthly fee for Airave… Verizon doesn’t.

    Sprint was relying on Airave to be a VoIP option, pushing the $10/month plan. Unfortunately, this came at the same time the plan people had devised Simply Everything and Everything plans.

    It still surprises me that Simply Everything doesn’t include Airave access charges for free.

  5. JJ

    Yeah. I currently have the airave and just use the $5 option. I don’t get good signal in my house because of concrete walls. My brother in law has the same thing but they gave him a $5 credit for 2 years plus a free airave. I just got the free airave with $5 option. It works really well. I would love to enhance the evdo signal too. I just hope its either free or the same price to switch to the evdo airave.

  6. BO

    I have Hughenet sattelite internet. Verizon says you can’t use the extender on satellite internet. Does anybody have any advice on this? Are there other options from other cell phone companies?

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